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Series Trend – Alternate POV: Yea or Nay?

It seems to be a trend in New Adult books (I haven’t noticed it in others but I could be wrong) that if the first book in a new series is popular, the second book in the series will be the same story but told from an alternate point of view (usually the hero).

We all know how this is going to end, right?

There’s nothing more disappointing to me than finishing a great book, looking up the author info to see what’s coming next, and finding out it’s a rehash of the story I just finished reading.  I mean, I already know how they’re going to meet, what’s going to tear them apart, and when they’re going to get back together.  Part of the thrill of reading a good book is not knowing exactly what’s going to happen next.

I know, I know – there are plenty of times when I close the last page of a book and think, “I wish it wasn’t over; I want to read more.” However, that doesn’t mean I want to read that story again – I want to read something new.  That’s why series are popular – you get to stay in that ‘world’, but the story is new and different.

Out of ideas?

This is probably one of those things I should say in my head but not out loud, but when I see this I wonder if the author is out of ideas for a new story?  Or afraid to lose readers to something new?  Usually, in the books I’ve read where this happens, there are plenty of secondary characters whom I’d love to read about in their own story, or read about what challenges come next for your main couple.  If your book was really good, I’d buy and read something totally different that you wrote.

The first time I remember this happening was when Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun was leaked.  “Ooohhh – Edward’s point of view!!!” Legions of fangirls squee’d – including me.  It was new, it was MOAR EDWARD!!!  Now though? No thanks.  I’ve got plenty of other stuff to read, thankyouverymuch.

I know mine is not the only opinion though…

The fact that this happens as often as it does indicates that mine is not the only opinion on these “Alternate POV Books”. (I asked on twitter if there was a name for this type of thing but nothing came up, so I don’t really know what to call it)  They must be popular because I’m seeing them all over – mostly with self-published authors, but I’m seeing some traditionally published authors doing it as well (off the top of my head: Colleen Hoover and Jamie Mcguire, both of whom were self-pubbed before signing with publishers) .

So, I’d love to hear your reasons why you love or hate the Alternate POV Books – I’m open to discussion* and maybe you can even help me figure out why I liked it with Midnight Sun but hate it now.  Does that make me a hypocrite or  have I just moved on (and my TBR is much, much larger)?

*Please keep in mind that this post was written by Patti, not Rachel, and I have a day job that doesn’t allow social networking, so any replies from me will not happen until after I get home from work.