PJV Quickie: I feel like Jessica Clare’s “Games” series is one of the best-kept secrets in Romancelandia – this is such a fun, sexy series; I just can’t get enough of it!


Zara Pritchard was an Olympic ice-skater whose star has fallen very, very far.  At the 2002 Olympic Games, she was a shoe-in for the gold, a cocky 14-year-old with an amazing career ahead of her.  Then she fell during her performance, walked off the ice, and flipped off the audience when they booed her.  Needless to say, she lost all her endorsements and her coach, and now she’s a has-been who gives skating lessons to 4-6 year-olds at the local rink and skates around in a dinosaur costume for extra cash.   When one of the skaters on Ice Dancing with the Stars gets pregnant, the show invites Zara to fill in.

Ty Randall is a MMA fighter who recently had a bit of bad publicity due to the fact that he  bit an opponent’s nose in his last fight, earning himself the nickname “Ty the MMA Biter”.  His agent is working on image control and decided Ice Dancing with the Stars was a good place to start.  Ty is not interested in doing the show and plans to ‘skate by’ (<–heh, see what I did there?), doing as little as possible.

Zara is determined to win the competition and use this chance to revive her skating career, but Ty is not interested.  Then, by way of an unfortunate accident,  Ty reluctantly agrees to help Zara.  The more time he spends with the feisty, talkative skater, the more he thinks maybe she’s not so bad, and maybe, just maybe, they can win this thing.


I know I just did a review for book 2 in this series, Playing Games, but I feel like shouting from the rooftops what an awesome series this is – so cute, funny, and very sexy.  I can’t believe more people aren’t raving about these books.

I thought Zara was a sympathetic heroine – she made a mistake at a young age and 10 years later is still paying for it.  She’s thrilled to be given this second chance and doesn’t want to blow it.  Her nervous chatter was cringe-worthy and I could totally relate.  It took me a bit longer to warm up to Ty, but the more I read him the more I melted.  I really liked them together – they didn’t get off to a good start but as the story progresses their relationship moves along at a good, believable pace.  Their personalities are different, yet similar, as they are both athletes with a competitive spirit:  once Ty sees how things are stacked against them, suddenly he wants to win too.

There’s quite a bit of humor in Ice Games – you can tell that Ty really, really doesn’t want to wear sequins, and Zara is a *bit* superstitious.  The bites at the beginning of each chapter were funny yet sweet.  The Ice Dancing with the Stars setting was a fun way to throw these characters together, and I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes cattiness between all the characters – these skaters have been competing against each other for years and a TV show isn’t going to change those relationship dynamics.

My only complaint is that it was too short – it was a fun read and I didn’t want to stop!

Ice Games is perfect for fans of sports-themed romance and/or MMA-fighter heroes, reality tv junkies, and contemporary romance fans.  I don’t watch reality tv and I have loved all three books in this series.

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