Things you SHOULD and SHOULD not have on your sidebars.

The Should-Nots:

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Complex widgets like this Allegiant widget are great to show off the book – but not so great when it’s loading on your sidebar each time.
1 Music Player – Music is annoying and slows down your blog. By placing music on your blog you have given someone a reason to “click-off” quickly. What if that person is at work and they suddenly have Macklemore blaring through their speakers. They close down that browser quickly. Pair that with the fact it slows your page load speed and there are very little pros with blog music.

2Motion Graphics – Unless you want your blog visitors to focus on that motion graphic as the first thing they they see, don’t add motion graphics to your sidebar. The goal of your blog is that the sidebar is your sub-topics, not the focal point.

3Images that pop-out your sidebar. Make sure your images fit within the confines of your sidebar, if not it looks off-balance.

4Complex scripts that lead off site. These scripts will slow your blog down and they usually offer no benefit. I understand that you are a HUGE fan of the series, but if your goal is to keep your blog free of clutter and increase your load speed, there is no benefit.

5ANYTHING that leads off-site. All your links should open in a new page. Your blogroll should not take up prime real-estate andΒ  any promotional pieces (unless advertising) should not be focal points. I recommend prioritizing your links (especially non-affiliated or non-advertising links) and asking yourself why do you have it up there? The point is to keep people on your site, not to direct them off. Even widgets and scripts. I understand you want to show currently reading, why not just add the book image?

The Should-Haves

1Subscribe – Your subscription link should have top real-estate. Your number one way you want people to follow your blog should be the first place. I recommend an email subscription.
2Social Media links – Either the “follow” buttons that let you follow with just a click (via twitter) or a Like box for Facebook, but make sure that your social links are directing people off-site. But, you should have an area for social media. You should also include an email link.
3Search – Your blog should have a search bar in it’s sidebar, or in the header. The majority of the time, your visitors want more then your front page, the search option allows them to find it easier.
4Recent Posts / Popular Posts – If you are not showing a lot of posts on your front page, adding a Recent Posts or Popular posts widget to your sidebar will keep people clicking within your site.
5Category List – I always recommend refining categories and tags. If you blog about a certain topic a lot, tag it or give it a category. If you display your list of topics, bloggers will be able to see what you are ALL about. It is also a good way to help with SEO.
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Book Blogger News

Author gets frustrated by giveaway books being “sold”
In the same vein of selling ARCs on ebay after BEA, author Kait Ballenger, who’s debut novella had the awesome honor of being published along-side Gena Showalter’s latest novella, found a signed copy of her novel for sale on Amazon. She knew that her and Gena had not done a signing together, but had provided signed copies of the book for one giveaway that they did promoting the book. She had hoped that her book would go to a “good” home of awesome fans, but instead someone was selling it for a tidy profit and saying it discourages authors from doing giveaways of this nature. Check out her Facebook post.

The Erin Brockovich chick picks up The 5th Wave
The woman that brought you that movie about the slutty, yet motivated paralegal, Susannah Grant, is going to adapt Rick Yancy’s novel The Fifth Wave! Since that is a PJV Fave, we couldn’t be more excited over here! Alien takeovers rock!!! {source}

Jennifer L. Armentrout to take over the world.
News was announced in July that Jennifer Armentrout’s LUX series was picked up by Sierra Pictures (Sierra Affinity that is about bring you ENDERS GAME) to be adapted into a movie. She has since announced that she will running for president in the 2016 election via the “Lux” party (okay that was made-up) {source}

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