PJV Quickie: A great contemporary novel that left me feeling happy and content at the end. This was my first experience with the FOOLS GOLD series, but I didn’t find any issues with characters with back-stories that I needed to read. It was a good guilty pleasure read, with great characters and a plot that stood it’s ground.

Review: In THREE LITTLE WORDS, we are introduced to Isabel and Ford. Ford was actually engaged to Isabel’s older sister when she was fourteen and their break-up led him to join the Navy. Isabel writes to Ford after he leaves and uses the letters she writes him as her “sort of” diary. Ford never writes her back though. The novel actually begins with excerpts from the letters, Isabel going from a very heart-broken fourteen year old, to an adult on the verge of getting married herself. It was a great way to open a novel.

Fast-forward to present day, Isabel finds out her husband is gay, so she leaves New York to come home and regroup, Ford has since left the Navy Seals and is now also back home to start a security business. As coincidence would have it, Ford, to escape his overbearing mother, rents Isabel’s parents apartment and they start talking…which leads to Isabel posing as Ford’s girlfriend to get his mother off his back. The mom in question had gone so far as to take a booth out at a festival and take applications for potential wives for Ford and his brother. Very funny stuff. The whole plot is like that. Isabel has a group of friends and their banter is a lot of fun, Ford is this great sexy character that you want to just jump. Isabel is cute and determined, but without that “needy” characteristic that a lot of contemporary authors like to add in to the mix.

My favorite about the book was just the funny scenes that happened throughout the novel, they had me laughing out loud a lot of the times. My favorite was when Ford’s high-school BFF (who was the guy that broke up Ford’s engagement with Isabel’s sister and is now married to said sister – I’m sure this was a past book) confronts Ford to apologize and asks him to punch him. It was funny and the outcome was hilarious….it was just one of those scenes that you could imagine happening with a movie cast including Jennifer Aniston and  Luke Wilson.

The characters and the funny scenes made THREE LITTLE WORDS a great contemporary novel and the plot wasn’t that bad either. The actions of the characters made sense, they weren’t holding back from love for stupid reasons. The way the found each other was cute and kind of typical. It was actually kind of similar to my personal love story, we just won’t hold the Navy thing against Ford.

Overall, great read and a perfect stand-alone if you are new to the series.

Recommendations: Fans of contemporary romance will not be disappointed, while their are comedic scenes, I would not put this in a chick lit category though. Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips should really enjoy, this book was reminiscent of Phillips’ Wynette Texas series, so if you like those, you’ll love Fool’s Gold.

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