PJV Quickie: My second Emily Snow novel was a sweet addition to my foray into the new adult age range. I have to say, I enjoyed TIDAL, I thought it was sweet, intelligent and invoked a quiet  but shallow depth that  I wasn’t expecting. There might have been a few trite romantic plot sequences, but overall I enjoyed it for what it was, a romantic escape that allowed me to swoon over a summer hottie. If you are looking for a good New Adult Romance Audiobook this one is a good listen!

Review: The storyline follows a very jaded and recently released from rehab, actress and a surf instructor who are thrust together in a last ditch effort to save Willow’s acting career. Willow has been followed from scandal to scandal and her latest stint in rehab proves enough for most of the studios. A remake of an old surf movie, is about the only path she can take, and it leads her to Hawaii, serving her community service and learning how to surf for the movie with a sweet, but cocky surf instructor, Cooper. The plot is a very simple one, both Willow and Cooper have to work through some problems to finally find love, Willow for being this big Hollywood starlet is a mess of insecurities and self-esteem issues. Cooper is this great laid-back surfer character, but he has mommy-issues of his own. Together their romance is sweet, but is played as a summer fling for both of them, neither expecting it to go very far, even though they care for one another.

Snow’s writing was reminiscent of some of the great old school Romance authors like Nora Roberts, her style is simple, yet her world is carefully displayed. Unlike some of the older Romance style, Snow brings a modern interaction to the characters, not falling with the tried and true methodology that most Romance authors fall back on. The characters were a bit damaged, there were a few bad influences…but nothing so over-the-top to fall within stereotypical romance cliches.  The female character, Willow was a strong character, who didn’t sit around waiting to be saved. I enjoyed that she worked through a lot of her problems on her own instead of waiting for the “love” to work it out for her. This was probably the best part about TIDAL. You read a book with this description, expecting a drug trip, or a character like Lindsey Lohan, instead you get a unique character that is like no “real” person, which I liked. Basically, I enjoyed the book and hope to read more from Emily Snow.

Where I did find fault was within that same romance that I thought was sweet, I know I’m a bit deranged, but I felt that while the portrayal of the romance was good, the actual realistic qualities of it lacked immensely. For a girl right out of rehab and a boy that starts out insulting her, I would say that Cooper would be the farthest from a good thing for her. And they fell into a very quick love-affair that escalated into love within the blink of an eye. Cooper explains off his initial rudeness by saying it was an instant attraction that he did want. The whole “kick the girl on the playground” routine. It was a good romance, it just wasn’t a Great romance. I also found Willow’s battle with addiction to be a little brushed over. I haven’t been addicted to anything, but I would think it would be a little harder.  Combine the slight addiction, with the quick romance and the summer beach setting, you have a “cute” read, that gives you a summer escape – and there is nothing wrong with that!

Narration: Narration is by Elizabeth Louise who seems to be doing a lot of Emily Snow’s audiobooks, Elizabeth is a competent narrator. She has a sweet voice that lends great credibility to the female character, but her male voices aren’t as good as they should be. Cooper has an Australian accent and she did do it well, I look forward to more of Louise’s narrations.


Recommendations: For fans of romance, adults only because of sexual interactions. Fans of Nora Roberts should enjoy. This is marked as a New Adult novel