PJV Quickie: This is me dying right here, right now as I write this review. Sarah Maas with her second installment of the Throne of Glass series nearly put me under with the insanity. The Throne of Glass is a must read series, and CROWN OF MIDNIGHT blew away the first book, pulling no punches and leaving no expressions of happy funny bunnies young adult happiness. Maas’ sophomore delivery was an epic display of brilliance that left me an emotional mess. I want more Sarah…please can I have some more?

Review: The second in the series, CROWN OF MIDNIGHT picks right up where THRONE OF GLASS left off. Celaena, is still a contradiction of hard and soft, assassin and lover, the king’s enforcer and a rebel sympathizer. Even being in her head, with her point-of-view, you are never truly in understanding of where she stands. It is truly breathtaking to read. You know Celaena is wanting to be intrinsically selfish at this point in her life, never wanting to go back from where she came, but as the novel plays out you find out more and more why she is the way she is. As events  unfold she begins to change and this too becomes a roller-coaster of possibilities. Just as she slips into familiar patterns of romance and fantasy, Maas changes the story and Celaena changes…and as the reader you are turned upside down.

Every moment of this novel was fast-paced, invigorating and well thought-out. As more and more is revealed you realize how deep the plot is going to take you. While the first book might have just skimmed the surface the second book starts to push deeper and deeper into a political plot that is rather complex. And with word that this is a six book series, I can only imagine how deep the plot will go. Even though I am screaming on the inside because I need some plot-sequences to be rectified.

This isn’t a young adult fantasy series, this is just a good series that you have to experience, no matter where your tastes in genre lie. If you are looking for awesome, look no further.

Recommendation: This is for fans of fantastical novels, with deep plots and great characters. The story is a more mature young adult age-range though, so I’m putting this at a 15+, just because the characters are technically adults and behave as adults, murder, death, sex, fun.