Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 1.50.07 PMIf you want your site to be searchable on Google, you have to tell Google you are there. There is a way to let Google know that you exist…by verifying your site with Google Webmaster Tools.

First go to Google Webmaster Tools

If you have a blogger blog, they might already be added in this area, once you sign-in to your Google account, but if you are using Worpdress or another platform, you’ll have to click ADD A SITE.

Type in your URL

Depending on what host, or platform you use, you’ll be directed to verify your site. This is telling Google that you have the right to claim this site. This usually takes a few minutes, you’ll have to login to your hosting account and verify.

Next, you’ll get the default webmasters page, this is where it will show you if you have crawl issues. A crawl is when Google sends out their little search bots to “crawl” your site. If there are issues on your site that prevents the crawl, this is where Google will notify you.

Google also would like a site-map. A site-map to Google is very important. You are giving Google a roadmap to your blog, and especially since a blog is usually very large, this tells them just exactly what is on your site, so they can generate it in search queries.

They also make a Plugin for creating a dynamic sitemap for your blog, install Google sitemap plugin. This plugin adds the sitemap automatically to Google webmaster tools. Click in the settings for Google Sitemap Plugin, and make sure you check off every category you want added to the sitemap (everything you want searched) and then click the radio buttons that you automatically want it to go to Google.  Remember to put in your Google login (not your WP login in the settings area).

Give it a day to update, but once it is installed, you’ll get all your information from Google, impressions, clicks etc, which is very useful when it comes to SEO. You can see which queries are coming through and what position your blog shows within. Then you know what keywords work for you and which ones are not working. If you track with change, you can see what is going up and what is going down, so you’ll know what keywords to include in your posts more option.

For me, I’m trying to reduce the Fifty Shades of Grey searches and increase my organic search for terms like book review and titles that I love.

I scribbled all over this screen shot, but this gives you an idea of who you can use the data you get from Webmaster tools:

Google Webmaster Tools for bloggers