A Hot romance to check out in audiobook, Devoured by Emily Snow.

PJV Quickie: I was recently introduced to the writings of Emily Snow and I have to say I was impressed, I’ve been really liking the self-pubbed novels that S&S has been scooping up. Keep ’em coming! There are a few things that I like in my Romance and Emily Snow delivered them in her New Adult Romance novel. In DEVOURED, Emily Snow wrote an entertaining story that didn’t linger on unnecessary bits. Her story was intelligent, yet angsty, quick, but not rushed, sexy, without silly euphemisms and embarrassing bits. Overall, DEVOURED was a hot read, that didn’t make me want to sing on a mountain, but slip into my miniskirt and find my own rocker!

Review:  The main plot of the story is based around Sienna and Lucas and their HEA. Sienna has been pulled back to her hometown, where she has to handle her grandmother’s financial issues. She has prior contact with Lucas Wolfe, lead singer of a very hot rock band and as coincidence would have it, he is the guy that is scooping up her grandmother’s house that has gone into foreclosure. The two of them had a brief sexual encounter, which had Lucas walking away from her because of some unknown infraction that she never figured out. Now the two are faced with a very uncomfortable situation, Sienna wants her grandmother’s house back and Lucas wants Sienna.

In the typical millionaire lures inexperienced young woman, he offers her ten days to work for him to get her grandmother’s house back. How can she refuse? But, she can’t tell her grandmother or brother. What would they think? In that time Lucas does his best to charm her and lure her to his devilish rocker ways.

It was sexy, without the cheese that is sometimes common in novels of this nature. Lucas was all kinds of hot and the dialogue….

Oh yes the dialogue.

“Not really. But I’m a huge fan of your ass. I could write a song about your ass. ”
“You’ve never even seen it.”
“Feeling is believing.”

Snow did that dialogue phenomenally. She made Lucas sound like such a smooth talker. I think that is what won me over. It outshines all of the little plot flaws, because frankly, I wanted a sexy listen and this was a sexy listen. The characters were great, I enjoyed both Sienna and Lucas, I liked how Sienna handled situations, without looking naive and cowed, which a lot of writers resort to with their heroines. Sienna maintained an inexperienced air, but she still had savvy.

There were plot issues that did arise, which is why this is a 4 star review and not a 5 star. There were a lot of unanswered questions, which I guess will be answered in other books. And I didn’t understand the initial contact between the two characters, I thought that was a little forced.

But, that didn’t detract from the overall enjoyability of the novel. If you want to give a hot Romance a try, check out DEVOURED by Emily Snow.

Narrator: Elizabeth Louise did the narration of Emily Snow’s DEVOURED. And I know I’m really critical of female narrators and how they handle the male voices, but I really do think that men handle women’s voice better most of the time. Louise was a good talent though, her voice was great for the main character, even though I wasn’t as impressed with her male voices. I do recommend this as an audiobook though, with it only being 6 hrs and 13 mins – it’s a short hot listen.


Recommended for Romance lovers, this one hints at BDSM but there is nothing crazy. There is a lot of sexual interaction, so be warned. Adults only. Fans of authors like Cari Quinn, Colleen Hoover, Sylvia Day should enjoy.

Come back later today for my review of TIDAL by Emily Snow!