MaryJanice Davidson just popped in on her blog tour for UNDEAD AND UNSURE

From Undead and Unwed, Book 1

(in which Betsy returns from the dead, saves the day,
and somehow ends up married-but-not-really)

“You’re not listening.  He thinks we’re married.”
“The big gorgeous guy?”
“The big jerky lying psycho guy.”
“Who…”  Jessica’s black eyebrows went up, which was a good trick since she was wearing her hair skinned back so tightly she always looked surprised.  “…saved you?”
“Who…pissed me off as no other creature living or dead ever has?”
“While saving you?”
“You,” I announced after shooting her a disbelieving look, “have gone insane.  After the harrowing tale I’ve shared you should want to go on a ball-tearing rampage on my behalf, not subtly encourage me to register our china picks!”  It occurred to me that I was screaming at my best friend in the Apple Valley Starbucks, and nosy parkers who should have been sucking down their decaf lattes were instead peeking over at us.  “Harrowing tale,” I said again, quieter.  “Ball-tearing rampage.  This is what I need from you right now.”
Jessica smiled and held up her hands in the universal “stop, don’t shoot” gesture.  “Simmer.  You were in over your head, right?”
“You could have been killed—again—in any number of nasty ways, right?”
“Why are we friends again?”
“But he swooped in and saved you even though it was a big-time risk for him, right?”
“Hating you so much right now.”  I scowled at my gigantic hot chocolate.  Oh, excuse me, my venti hot chocolate.  Because Starbucks was founded in Seattle by three white guys over five thousand miles from Italy, so of course the sizes are grande and venti.  How too friggin’ cool.  Of course, my intense mockery never stopped me from filling their pockets with lira.  “Did it occur to you that maybe the only reason my life was in danger at all was because Sinclair put me in danger?”
No response.  My friend, who knew me as well as my mother did, just stared at me.
I blew out an annoyed breath—old habits.  “Fine, okay, I did sort of get myself into a gigantic jam and, yeah, he fixed it, but I’m not putting up with the sneakiness.  If we were ever going to have any kind of future together, which we weren’t, he screwed it up by pulling this.  If he wants to lurk in alleys and trick me into being, barf, his queen, that’s on him.  I’m not having anything to do with him anymore.”
“I mean it.”
“Okay.”  Jess giggled into her green tea Frappuccino.  She had a whipped cream moustache and I wasn’t going to tell her.  “You’re done, then.”
“Completely utterly done with that guy.”
“I’m never seeing him again.  He’ll have to find someone else to trick and have mind-blowing sex with upside down in swimming pools.”
“Never mind.  Finish your drink.”
“What’s important is that I’m drawing a line in the sand, here.”  At her grin, I snapped, “I mean it!”
She laughed at me and I was reminded that friends were the ultimate mixed blessing.  They had that in common with vampire husbands who weren’t really husbands.

*   *   *

MaryJanice Davidson is the bestselling author of several books, most recently Undead and Unsure (out August 6th, 2013), Undead and Unstable, Undead and Undermined, Undead and Unfinished, Undead and Unwelcome, and Dead Over Heels. With her husband, Anthony Alongi, she also writes a series featuring a teen weredragon named Jennifer Scales. MaryJanice lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two children. Visit her online at www.maryjanicedavidson.net, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

*   *   *


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