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Top Ten Tropes We Let Slide in Fiction

ย Bless It’s Heart – It’s okay they have no emotional bonding — it’s Science Fiction!

Ever read a book and some of the stuff just didn’t make sense? But, eh – it’s just Romance so give it a pass?

Do we judge different genres differently? Literary Fiction has to be held at a higher regards because it’s LITERARY FICTION. Romance, well it can be half-assed because it’s Romance…don’t get me started on Erotica. You don’t judge a Porn by it’s Plot do you? Naaaah!

You think that is silly? But it’s not. Certain aspects are expected from different genres and we tend to brush over them, even go as far as, if the book doesn’t have those tropes, we don’t like them.


But I don’t expect it to have a plot…

Here are some of the tropes we let slide, that I’ve noticed.

  1. 1. Erotica Romance Novels do not need a plot as long as they have a lot of sex and the characters are likeable.
  2. 2. Young Adult Science Fiction novels do not have to make sense scientifically, but Adult Science Fiction novels do. It is for a YA audience, so the science part is given a pass.
  3. 3. Romance novels can follow the same path over and over again because, well it’s a romance novel. They meet, they hook up, they break up and then they get back together. No one cares that this is how this goes every single time — it’s Romance!
  4. 4. This is how the world ends. Over and over again. Dystopian fiction has the same kind of apocalypse in almost every book. It might be a desert wasteland, or it might be a water world, but most of the time – it is some kind of wasteland, but we give it a pass because it is dystopian fiction.
  5. 5. The Grand Confession. This happens in Mystery and it happens in YA a lot. In the end the big baddie just spills their beans all over the floor and then moons us for a grand effect. This ain’t scooby-doo but we let books get away with it all the time, especially in YA. Why? Because we WANT to find out what happened.
  6. 6. Urban Fantasy – the heroine should be dead! She has jumped off a building, had her face bashed in, was almost raped by a demon, thrown off a boat, pushed down a flight of stairs, got in a fist fight with a black-belt midget and she is still standing – moreover she is now getting it on with her side-kick who she just realized she has feeling for. Did I mention the heroine is a human and just happened to find herself in a paranormal world?
  7. 7. Fantasies Chosen One – I’m sure if there was a chosen one, someone would write a book about him. Oh yeah, they did, about a million of them. But, we give it a pass because we want the character to be very special, so special in fact they were chosen by fate to fix this problem.
  8. 8. Young Adult Orphans. Where are the parents? I don’t know, they are hiding? This YA character is 16 and running around doing whatever they want. The book I’m currently reading, they go to a cabin in the woods to hide from the baddies, don’t tell the parents. There wasn’t even a phone call. There would have been Amber Alerts out for these children.
  9. 9. The Romance Heroine is a Romance Novel Writer. I love those. Write yourself in the plot why dontcha. I think I’ve read at least 10 books where the heroine is a writer of some sorts.
  10. 10. Science Fiction / SciFi Romance – We can have sex with the aliens. Even if it has two penises, is the color of grape jelly and smells like sugar. We can even reproduce with them. We can’t even mate with other species on this planet (step away from the pig) that we share common chromosomes with, I’m taking a wager that when aliens land, there won’t be any hybrid babies. But, we always want to have sex with a hot glowing alien lover…right? So, we give it a pass. C’mere Superman!!

I think I could go on and on…but this is my Top Ten Tropes We Let Slide in Fiction, did I miss any?