The premise of this book was kind of freaky and the constant reference to LORD OF THE FLIES had me intrigued, even though I thought it was just a selling point. You can’t really do that with a book, compare it to a classic and have us go, “okay I believe you.” Teens on a murdering rampage, isolated from any sort of adult supervision did ring true with the LORD OF THE FLIES reference, so I guess you could say it was a modernized version of the book. To make it modern though they had to add girls, attempted rape, a bit of romance, more carnage, a modern high school, military conspiracy and gang activity. To keep us interested right?

The total package was a very scary book and it had so much action and drama in it along with horrifying imagery that I’m sort of scared to read the second one. I want these kids to catch a break and from reading the synopsis on the second book, it looks like they’ll get more of the same. I’m going to read it though, because even though I was horrified through most of it, the writing was so compelling, the dramatic sequences sucked you in and made you think, “Jesus, this could happen” and I just want to see the boys get some relief! Speaking of those boys, David and Will, like everyone else I probably fell for David right away, self-sacrificing, treated like crap by both his brother and his ex-girlfriend, but still persevering. He was a great character. His littler brother on the other hand, I wanted to beat his head in and say ,”wake up you little sh@$!” Signs of good characterization right?

Overall the book was a great read, fast-paced, cringe inspiring and emotional. I do think the bad-guy was left alive just to be the big baddie in the second book because the book ended with a cliffhanger involving his lunatic self, which kind of made me want to scream. The way people were killing off nasties left and right, bad guy number 1 would have been murdered in his sleep to ring true with me. So that was my main thumbs down for the novel, because I know he was only left in there to carry the cold-blooded hatred to the next book.  I understand it, but it seemed forced. Read the book though – if you are a fan of male carried points of view in a dystopian/apocalyptic fiction, you’ll love this one. Think GONE by Michael Grant and THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner, QUARANTINE does deserve to be up there with those great books.


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