Good Books, Good Wineโ€™s Challenge is hosting the Book Blogger Challenge. Today, April has challenged us to confess the reason we blog about books.

Day 9 Challenge:

Why Do You Blog About Books?

The short answer: Because I like to read.

The long answer: I had a goal to blog. I think I’ve told this story a million times, so bare with me if you’ve heard it before. But, frankly, for some reason they made a graphic designer do research and development, a lot. They were constantly making me do things at my work, because obviously I was the only one that could actually do something…everyone else just said “do something” and I guess I was the Doer not the Sayer, which of course accounted for my exaggerated sighs every time I checked my account on payday. One day a Sayer came to me and said, “Oh you cute little Graphic Designer you, just sitting there with nothing to do. I need you to figure out how to blog.”

“How to blog?” I responded. What the feck do we need to learn how to blog for, I just created this chick a web site that took me 6 months to implement….isn’t blogging what teenagers do to talk about the popular kids anonymously?

Marketing is Awesome!“Yeah, see, they had this conference, and they had this social media person and she said in order to build your business you need to blog. It makes your business better, which I totally had been thinking in my head that, OMG yes, a blog would totally do that, but her saying it just totally cemented it in my head. And yeah, she works for Disney, so she is the expert of experts.”

“So, what and who will be blogging? And did she say where to start?” I could feel a headache approaching, if this was like any “project” in the past, I would get no direction, work my ass off – and this person standing in front of me would take the credit.

“OMG that is what you need to figure out. Figure out blogging. So, we can totally implement it in the company and then…” the Sayer whispers… “we can offer our clients a new service.”

“A blog.” I had my head in my hands at this point.

“Totes. Cause a blog makes your business grow.”

BrawndoAt this point I think my utterly loyal and lovable side-kick, fellow graphic designer stood up and laughed, “‘Cause it has electrolytes.”

Not getting the pop-culture IDIOCRACY reference, sayer smiled her big fake smile, did a little shimmy in her Marshall’s bought Nicole Miller’s that she swore she got in NYC and strode back to her end of the cubicle farm. Calling over her shoulder, “we’ll have a meeting next Friday, you or I can do a presentation.”

Sidekick graphic designer came around to my side of cubicle, he of course had heard the whole conversation, there was no privacy in the cubicle farm. “I once had a blog about how to grow mushrooms in your garage. But, I got bored with it.”

“How long did you do it for? Did you have a lot of content?” My mind screamed, pass it off!

“I registered the name with Blogger. It was a little complicated.”

HeadDesk“Thanks.” My head then began involuntary pounding against my desk. But, right at the moment, there was a page from the front desk, which meant…PACKAGE! It was my latest shipment from Amazon or the SciFi book club, I can’t remember, but I believe it included an Anita Blake, or the latest Sookie. It just sort of clicked in my head right there. If these people were going to force me to blog about something, I wasn’t going to blog about business techniques, I wasn’t going to blog about Marketing, I was going to blog about something I liked to do. Because, really, I didn’t know much about blogging, but I knew if you were going to write about something everyday, you want to write about something you are really into. I also knew that Sayer hadn’t picked up a book since college, the only thing she read was Cosmo and tabloids, so there was no way she could take credit for books. They knew I was the company book geek, I had a small bookshelf on my desk with about 10 books that I lent out to coworkers.

So, that is my story. It was a marketing experiment that blew up in my face. When I did my presentation, those sayers were all like “Awe, you blogged about books…how cute is that?” A year later, three of our clients had requested a blog and I was fired because a fellow employee had reported me for blogging at work. (They didn’t understand scheduled posts). The next month they hired a local blogger (Mommy Blogger) to speak at their conference about working with local bloggers to promote your product. They paid her a couple K to speak. Her blog had about 500 followers, whereas mine had close to 2K at the time. I only know about this, because I got about 5 emails from employees there that still kept up with me, in outrage about the stupidity of the situation.

HatersTwo years later, those same Sayers still keep checking my profile on LinkedIn, which I can’t figure out. They are probably just laughing, saying…”Rachel still hasn’t gotten a ‘real’ job.”ย  But, really I can’t thank those materialistic ladies enough, I don’t think I would have started a book blog if it wasn’t for that company. I would have been just content to read and maybe write an Amazon review every now and again and frankly after a negative review turned sour there, I was second guessing if I wanted to do that anymore. So, thank you, worst-job-ever, if it wasn’t for those 4 years of purgatory, I would never have found the best hobby/job I’ve ever had…but really, I would probably tell them to suck it if I saw them in the flesh. XO

Rachel Rivera