Good Books, Good Wine’s Challenge is hosting the Book Blogger Challenge. Today, April has challenged us to do a top of the head things we like about blogs. To make this real, I’m not going to edit my bullet points because if I go back and think about them and edit them, it won’t be as real. So this is what I think of first, in order, off the top of my head. I’m taking this challenge very literally, lmao.

Please ignore bad grammar…


Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!

  1. 1. Easy to read. When I see a blog that is easy to read and everything makes sense I’m in love.
  2. 2. I can find what I want, where it makes sense. If I’m looking for your email address it should be on the Contact or About page, that sort of thing.
  3. 3. You write your posts in a fun and appealing manner. This can mean anything, but if I can read your writing and understand what you are saying without getting all confused or insulted, I love it. This really happens a lot (the confusion or insulted part) – some people’s writing is hard to understand  because they are not a great writer, or they use a lot of slang that I don’t understand, sometimes it’s because every other word is an SAT word to show off their grasp of the language, I have a good vocab, but some people’s reviews are like reading a literary paper. Finally, if you are insulting in your review, if you insult the reader or the author I will get upset, so having a friendly, fun, easy to read post is amazingly refreshing.
  4. 4. No Captcha
  5. 5. Happy clutter free sidebars
  6. 6. Easy Search abilities
  7. 7. Fun! I love fun blogs
  8. 8. A personal touch, when I can see the person behind the blog I love that. But, nothing crazy. Pictures of you and your cat all over the place might freak me out a bit. Moderation is key.
  9. 9. Not afraid to do something different. Blogs like Shredded Cheddar who just do things, because they want to do them, not to get crazy views…are refreshing. Some of the ideas are great, some are not so great, but the fact that they try and keep trying make me respect these blogs.
  10. 10. Respond back. When I see that they respond to comments on their blogs. I used to comment on a particular “big YA bloggers” blog all the time and she didn’t respond to me once. I commented three times with comments that had space for a response. After the third time I never went back to her blog expecting anything, just to maybe enter a contest…
  11. 11. Not afraid to give your opinion. Oh I love this, even when I don’t agree. I love that the blogger is not afraid to state what they are thinking. BUT – they do it in the manner of debate, not in a way to say THIS IS THE END ALL opinion. I love that and I make a point to comment whenever I see these posts and tell them that they rocked my world with that post.
  12. 12. Unique formats. I love it when a  blog spices up their posts with fun typography, images throughout their reviews, etc. I do love animated gif reviews, but I have to admit that I usually don’t read the words, I just look at the pretty pictures.
  13. 13. Socialize – I love blogs that have an active social account also, when I don’t see a twitter icon on their site, I think — hmmm why you not on twitter???
  14. icon14. Looks different. When a blog looks different from other blogs so I can easily place their iconography with their “voice” makes me so happy! I want to be able to “see” you on twitter and visually place you with your blog and your voice. Following 2K+ blogs this is hard to do, but a visual representation of your blog really helps. I might have changed my blog look a MILLION times. But I have never gotten rid of my skull. It is not because I lURVE it so much, it is because I hope that when you see this, you think FRIGGIN’ PARAJUNKEE….!!!!!
  15. 15. You so nice. I don’t like grumpy people, or at least I don’t like to hang around grumpy people. You know people that complain alot, ones that are always bitchin’ about one thing or the other. LOOK I’m so guilty of doing this, bitchin’ about something or other and I feel terrible about it after I do it. ut, I’ve realized it, I’m kind of a judgmental bitch on occasion (please don’t hold it against me!!!). So, I can’t hold this against a lot of people, but niceness stands out big time. That is the kind of person I would like to hang around. Now you can be bitchy, but still nice 😉

Rachel Rivera