PJV Quickie: Lick had everything I love in a good read: a sexy yet sweet hero, an ‘every-day girl’ heroine, tons of angst, good secondary characters, and hot sexin’.  Lick was exactly what I needed to break my ‘book funk’.


Lick starts with Evelyn “Ev” Thomas waking up in Las Vegas hungover on the bathroom floor.  There’s a gorgeous stranger hovering over her and a wedding ring on her finger.  After a brief conversation, they decide to have it quickly and quietly annulled, and Ev heads home to Portland to resume her life as an architect student and part-time barista at an independent coffee shop.  No problem, right?  A little drunken mistake that will quickly be fixed so Ev can continue with her ‘life plan’ of becoming an architect, building her career, and getting married/having kids in about 15 years.

What she doesn’t know is that her new husband, David, is none other than David Ferris – lead guitarist for the popular rock band Stage Dive.  When Ev gets home to the airport in Portland, the paparazzi is already waiting, her internship has been cancelled, and her ‘life plan’ has suddenly gotten a little less solid.

She agrees to go to David’s home to escape the paparazzi and crazed fans, just until the divorce is final.  As events unfold and Evelyn and David decide to try to work it out, David’s past and Evelyn’s future are working against them.


I read and enjoyed Kylie Scott’s two erotic dystopian books, Flesh and Skin, so when I saw she had a new book out about a rock star, how could I resist?  I was a little put off by the premise at first – drunken quickie Vegas wedding to a rock star – and the cover, but I find I enjoy ‘rock star romance’, so I went for it.  I’m so glad I did!

You have to check your disbelief at page 1, but as the story progresses, you forget all about it because you like these characters and you want things to work out.  I could believe Evelyn didn’t know who David was; she’s a country music fan, not a rock-n-roll girl at all. (Honestly, I don’t think I’d recognize some of my favorite bands if they were standing on my front lawn.)   The story is told from Evelyn’s point of view and she’s pretty funny sometimes.

Ms. Scott creates characters who aren’t perfect, but want to be.  As they get to know each other, they realize they really do like each other, but neither is sure that the other feels the same.  David’s hurt that Evelyn doesn’t remember their wedding pulled all the right emotions from me, and Evelyn’s insecurities were sincere and relatable to the reader.  There were so many scenes between these two that made me want to shout “Yes – this!” or “Nooo – what are you doing?!?”   And the angst – oh yes, there is angst – exactly the way I like it: the can’t-eat-can’t-sleep-running-on-autopilot-due-to-a-broken-heart kind of angst.  When you take all that and add the super-hot sexytime, it’s a total win for this reader 😉

Of course I cannot overlook some of the secondary characters that help balance the overall emotional feel of Lick: David’s friend Malcom “Mal”, the drummer for Stage Dive – I loved him and am hoping we’ll get his story next.  He was pretty funny and flirty and provided just the right amount of humor to lighten things and add perspective.  I also can’t forget to mention Lauren, Evelyn’s roommate and BFF,  who gets a surprise romance of her own.  I’m hoping we’ll also see more of David’s brother, who is pretty much a jerk throughout Lick but has the potential to turn into a great hero.

There were a few little things that weren’t perfect with Lick, but honestly, I didn’t care.  I read Lick in a day – and was disappointed it had to end; this is a world I will absolutely be coming back to.  I am already looking forward to the next book (which I cannot find any info for…yet.).   Thank you Ms. Scott, this was just the kind of book I needed, exactly when I needed it.


Can I say everyone?  LOL, just kidding: Lick will work for you if you’re a fan of rock-star romance, love a lot of angst, and have a soft spot for HEAs.

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