Good Books, Good Wine’s Challenge is hosting the Book Blogger Challenge. Today we are talking about quirks…and I have a few of them. But, last night was my dad’s birthday…and probably in any other family that would be a sedate affair with birthday cake and grandkids piled on laps. But, yesterday’s party got kinda of out-of-control and I have a headache. It hurts…

Talk about your blogging quirks.

  1. I am constantly running behind lately, this is a new phenomenon. I used to have things planned, but now lately I have been procrastinating a lot — but I actually seem to like my posts better. Is that weird?
  2. I think I might be able to do this because my posts are so structured. I have a plan for every review…, everything goes in a certain spot.
  3. I change my review format about every 6 months.
  4. I am constantly changing my design and interface also, it is never good enough. It never does enough. I think I’m pretty ecstatic about what it is doing now.
  5. I’ve had this sudden feeling that 1 post a day isn’t enough…as you can tell.
  6. I’m a pageview watcher, I know I shouldn’t do it….if it is stead at the same amount I don’t worry, but when my numbers slip I start freakin’ out a bit…it’s like if a friend suddenly stops talking to you. What did I do? Do people not like me anymore?
  7. My tutorials and satire posts get a ton more views then my reviews, which upsets me…and when I’m talking ton — it is significant. like 50 to 1.
  8. I tried to use animated gifs once and failed miserably at it…so now I don’t think I’ll ever use them again.
  9. I’m constantly trying to think of new ideas, I try a lot of them out, most of them fail— but every now and again one takes off.
  10. If I get bored with something I just don’t do it anymore…even if it is getting a lot of attention

Ok I think that is enough…there are plenty more, but that is the basics. Sorry about the half-assedness of the post…my head still hurts.

Rachel Rivera