Good Books, Good Wine’s Challenge is hosting the Book Blogger Challenge.

Day 4: What is the Last Book You Threw Across The Room?

The most notable throw across the room was:

Urban Fantasy Cliffhanger

Every other book freak out is child’s play compared to the reaction I had with DREAMFEVER. It was probably, what four years ago and it never fades? The ending was insane – who did she kill? I knew what that insane woman Moning wanted me to believe – but frankly she would make me wait a year…a year to figure out it was true. And what she had made me go through the prior book. And then given me at the beginning of this one…I was in full on book nerd tantrum. Luckily the kid was asleep and the husband was at work, I threw that book so hard I think I dented my particle board dresser – then I commenced to crying for about 2 hours.

I have had other tantrums since then, on books like THE ETERNITY CURE. Julie Kagawa is evil, but not quite as evil as Moning.

Rachel Rivera