The story of  how I got this book three years after it’s publication date is awesome. Actually it’s kind of boring. But honestly, if your a book addict like me and you don’t know about this you will be super happy (or angry) that I introduced you to it. Welcome my friends to AMAZON BARGAIN BOOKS! I got this book for $3.60. And because I am a prime member that is all I paid. Less than the kindle version.

So therefore, I am kicking it old school with a throwback review! Or something.

In HUNGER we meet Lisabeth. Lisabeth has a “thin voice” that tells her how fat she is. Lisabeth is anorexic. Lisabeth is Famine.

This book is poignant and sad (is that redundant?). I literally feel like bawling whenever Lisa’s thin voice enters the picture. As someone who has food issues, as in- I love food, and it shows- I identified with Lisa. I have a relationship of food that is exactly opposite as her.

The chemistry between her and Death is interesting and definitely got me interested. I love a little romantic tension. Her relationship with her horse was awesome and sweet. I think a lot of horse people have close relationships with their horses so it is fitting.  Lisa does have a boyfriend, and some of the scenes with the two of them were hard to read. It’s seemed like her thin voice was loudest when she was around him.

Overall Hunger was a great investment, and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
So now that I have outed my secret addiction to Amazon Bargain books, I want to know where you get your reads for cheap? Because honestly, I am an addict!