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Day 3: Who are your blogging BFFs

This is like an acceptance speech, you know you are going to forget someone…especially in our niche. Or you might include someone and they are like, “I don’t like you, just cause I talk to you on twitter like twice a day. I’m just promoting my shit…” Okay, am I over thinking this? So, I figure BFF – means the silly Best Friends Forever. Best meaning one, right? The Best – Google Definition – To the highest degree; most: “the one we liked best”. I have this argument with my daughter all the time. Best means 1. She says BFF means anyone. I say “if it means anyone, then no one is special, hence BFF loses it’s meaning.” She then rolls her eyes. So, I’m going with one.

Patti –

Sorry so blurry! Left to Right: Patti, Rachel, Jen - Red Hot Books

Sorry so blurry! Left to Right: Patti, Rachel, Jen – Red Hot Books

Patti and I are both from New Orleans. She was the only book blogger in the same area when we started way back when… and we just started commenting back and forth. After I guess about 6 months of comments, we decided to meet up at a local signing and we’ve been meeting up at fun book things ever since. I now am proud to say that Patti is one of my really good friends both in real life and online, in fact I think she’s moved more into real life — then anything online since she retired her blog about a year ago. It was sad, but it led to her Romance features here on this blog, which I think Parajunkee’s View has gained immensely from. Patti still gets to blog, but also has more time on her hands for her personal life.  She also balances this bog, she’s the Happily Ever After, optimistic side.


Who are your BFFs?



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