I don’t know if you guys care what I’ve been doing this week, but I thought I would give a wrap-up post because I’ve done a lot this week to try to network more (I was getting a bit lazy about that and losing touch with the community – except for people on twitter) and see what everyone has been up to lately. This was prompted by a few bloggers that I followed/friended doing “Good-bye” posts. One in particular that stood out was Julie’s from My Five Monkeys.  Julie is one of the people I consider a close blogger friend, if I ever met her IRL I would give her a big hug and buy her a non-fat something or other (her work-out regime makes me feel inadequate) so when I read her “break” post I got kind of upset. She mentioned that the book blogger world has changed and I’ve noticed it to. But, change is always a good thing in my book, so I usually like to go with the flow. But, a few negatives have crept in — and I don’t like negative changes. The fact that these changes have prompted a few good bloggers to go on hiatuses smells like trouble for me. As the operator of what is considered a larger blog…I sometimes miss a lot of things. I’m not neck-deep in memes, forums and goodreads.com lists because I figure people know about my blog already, any promotional crap would just be spamming a group that is already aware of my brand. It was a stupid stance and maybe an egotistical one, I know…I’m kicking my lazy butt from here to my bookshelf. But, it happened and now I’m going to try and fix it. And maybe in the process discover the positives instead of the negatives that make this community awesome. I just want to ask – if anyone ever THINKS — “gawd, Parajunkee is just sooo spammy lately.” Please don’t just think it in your head. Let me know. 😀

Now, after that rant-verbal-vomit-athon – here is what went down this week:

1. I joined/rejoined Triberr

After a twitter convo with The Book Vixen and the fact that I had just read an article about the changes Triberr made I decided to do some research and scrap the BB101 post I had been working on and shoot for a Triberr post. So far things have been going well. My twitter activity has increased, we now have a lot of STRONG members in the Tribe that I formed and we are busy experimenting. Does it work? I haven’t noticed that big of an increase yet, but what I did notice was that me tweeting out other people’s post have gotten them some attention. Will it get me attention? That remains to be seen.

2. Still Fighting with Bloglovin

I have embraced Bloglovin as the popular thing to do – I’m already up 759 followers and ranked at #15 in Film, Music & Books category. But my feed is always behind. I am now three days behind, Thursday’s #BB101 is the last post up there — and I have posted a few since then. I have noticed some other bloggers are having this issue. My feed burns, it’s up to date in everything else that sucks in that feed…why it doesn’t work for Bloglovin is obviously their ISSUE. I wish it would just rectify or get fixed, because it could be a very powerful tool.

3. Getting Active on Comments/Forums

I have also tried to make a conscious effort to comment more on the blogs that I follow and make a directed effort to do Forum posts on sites like, BookBlogs.Ning.com. I hope people noticed that I visited. If not, I guess I tried lol

Stacking the Shelves4. What I Stacked My Shelves with:

I did a funny Instagram Vid on what came in two days via post.  It was a little overwhelming and later that week I also got a few other books and was approved for everything that was “pending” via NetGalley. I was a little freaked out about the whole increase in Review Books, I have to admit.

[media url=”http://distilleryvesper6-14.ak.instagram.com/22ff5f62e34f11e28fa722000a9f1885_101.mp4″ width=”500″ height=”500″ jwplayer=”controlbar=bottom”]

5. Read

I’ve been slacking in the reading department too…I only managed to read:

Wild Child  by Molly O’Keef

The Eye of Moloch , by Glenn Beck has taken me forever to finish…I have like 10 minutes left.

6. PJV Highlights

The Top Post (pageviews) of the week was: Dishing Junk: How I know your book was not edited… the fact that it beat the usual crap – which is my Fifty Shades of Grey Ch9 & 10 read-along post makes me REALLY happy. Yes – can you believe those FSOG posts are still hitting big???

My top referral this week was as usual Google Search – with Bing as second, but there is such a big difference 1000 to 1 that it didn’t even register. Second was Twitter, which is why I focused on Triberr.

The Oddest/Funniest Search Terms that landed people on my blog this week were:

  • bite lip
  • becoming a vigilante
  • is it wednesday yet
  • scrape goodreads.com (scrape it?)
  • c@$k suckers on bloglovin (the unedited version of course)And Finally…
  • is there amal sex in thr fifty shades books? (which I am pretty sure there is no Amal Sex)