Romancing The Junkee

Every now and then a girl just has to give in to some straight up romance. Unfortunately this wasn’t the perfect mix for me.

PJV Quickie: WALLBANGER by Alice Clayton was the first book that I’ve read by the Contemporary Romance author, even though I’ve heard a lot of buzz surrounding the book. I have to say, it had great potential, laugh-out-loud-moments and a few swoon-worthy sexy scenes, but then something happened at the end. The momentum was just lost and a great book turned into a middle of the road read.

I started out giggling and laughing out loud at this funny contemporary. It was hilarious in a lot of spots. The main character is Caroline, who has a rather sick sense of humor and a pity-worthy condition of not being able to orgasm. With that condition in full force, Caroline isn’t doing well with her new neighbor who seems to have a harem of very willing women parading through his house – none of which are having a problem with missing their “O”. Caroline’s descriptions of her neighbor and his harem are the funniest thing, but hearing the narrator actually “meow” when the Russian comes to visit and drives Clive the cat up the wall is just some kind of cray cray fun.

The book was full of these sort of scenes, Caroline just getting herself in pickle after pickle with her neighbor, who she finds out is friends with her boss. The banter and dialogue between the group of friends powers through the first part of this book with a vengeance…I was seriously thinking that I had a five star book on my hands. But,  suddenly the couple gets together and the hilarity and the banter stops and things suddenly get serious and full of angst and there goes the momentum. I suddenly became bored, as an author that reminded me of Sophie Kinsella suddenly switched her voice and I felt as if I was reading a Nora Roberts book. You can’t do that to me, I was in the swing, I was enjoying every minute of it…considering it was a 13 hour Contemporary Romance Audiobook that suddenly began to drag.

There is no denying that Alice Clayton pens a good tale though and this book had so much potential for me. But, my tastes are fickle when it comes to my Romance as you’ve might have come to realize. I don’t need a happily-ever-after, all I care about is being entertained with consistent delivery and while this book did the job for the most part I felt it could have been so much better if the narrative would have continued with the hilarious back-and-forth that hooked me in the beginning.

Recommendations: This is a romance novel and for adult readers, there are lots of sexy time that are very titillating. It was reminiscent of Sophie Kinsella and her KEEP A SECRET novel, so if you enjoy those types of Contemporary Romance, you’ll really like Alice Clayton. Her Red Head series is now on audio, so I’m excited to see how that one compares.