I read somewhere that about 15% of online users actually read word for word on a web page.

What does this mean for you?

The Majority of your readers will just scan your blog post before moving on. To counteract this, maybe offer them a reason to pay better attention to your post.

  1. A compelling headline that gives the gist of what the reader will be getting within the article.
  2. Summarize your post in an excerpt or pull-out
  3. If it is a review, use a rating system that is easy to understand
  4. Use headline tags to separate key points
  5. Don’t clutter up the start of the blog post with points that are of little value
  6. Don’t write a novel, stick to key points, succinct explanations and only include points that convey valuable information

I do believe users in the book blogging world might be better readers then the rest of “normal” users — lets see if our numbers add up to the general population of internet users?

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