Today we have author DW Adler telling us how he lays out his book. Thank you DW for taking time to visit with us!

Planner or Pantser? Do your characters babble in your head non-stop or do you see your worlds as films?

I’m a both a planner and pantser. I like to have an overall plan for where I want to take a book and though I don’t write down any kind of outline, the planner part of me keeps things in my head. For the pantser aspect, a lot of the scenes are written on the fly – I have a vague idea in my head of how I want them to pan out from my planning stage but nothing is fully defined until I sit and write.
The way that the story comes to me is like a movie that will play out in my head – I’ll see the characters, watch how they react to the situations that I want to put them through, and develop the story that way. I rarely write out notes as to me it’s redundant – I’m going to be writing it anyway. I also like to let my ideas cook up in my mind until I sit down and write it out, just in case a fresher idea comes to me about where I want to take the story. I’ll admit that has worked to my detriment a couple of times. There have been story ideas that have faded away and I couldn’t remember them afterwards but fortunately those times have been very rare so I just see it as something that wasn’t important to begin with.

About the author:
DW Adler (“Call me Don”) was born and raised in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. After receiving a degree in psychology and an almost-minor in Irish Studies, he learned how to fix computers. He now sweats profusely in Florida where he does IT support for a living when he’s not writing.

Don counts such authors as Anne Rice, JRR Tolkien, and Edgar Allan Poe, as well as a love for Irish/Celtic myth and folklore as his influences. He loves to read sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and anything having to do with vampires.

Other than sipping tea and writing, Don dabbles in computer animation and graphic design, goes on long walks with his wife, and enjoys the company of his two children. He is constantly plotting how to get back home to Nova Scotia and flees there whenever the sight of snow becomes a necessity.

No, he will not fix your computer.

You can visit and contact Don at


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