Book Blogging 101: Making Triberr Work For You!

When Triberr first became popular I logged on, checked it out and then decided it wasn’t for me. The first word that came to mind was SPAM. A noble sort of spam that helped others, but spam non-the-less.

I read an article that mentioned a new Triberr interface that went up earlier in the year. It was a very positive article. Along with a prodding by a certain Vixen I went back and checked out Triberr again. I had of course created my own Tribe. It was a tribe of 1, but it was still a Tribe. I found I had someone that wanted to be a member –!

One of the things I learned really quickly with my blog is that my most powerful tools to generate traffic is social media sites. My top referrals come from Twitter and Facebook. Triberr is just a tool to generate more traffic by stimulating a community to share each others posts. We have been doing a lot of blogging about RSS readers and the best ones to use, not a lot of us have mentioned Triberr though. But, it is a great RSS reader that you can control and share, and it even has a handy algorithm that shares your favorite posts during a certain period of time (that you specify) so you don’t overwhelm your feed.

Triberr, Utilizing TriberrYou can control what Tribe you belong to and discover new members, even mute the ones that don’t agree with you. The good thing about the new interface, you can control exactly what you post. There are no “paid” shares or spam content. You control what you post, if it looks cool, post it.

An added perk is that it gives a nice via @Twittername behind your tweet, so that person knows you are sharing their content. It reinforces community and maybe that person will be more likely to share your content next time – scratch your back, scratch mine baby! You reach their followers, they reach yours. It is that simple. It is also not just Twitter, you can login via Facebook and LinkedIn too, even though I think I might just use Twitter for right now.

Using Triberr Basics:

Triberr Members_Area

On your Home page if you are a member of a Tribe, you’ll see a stream of new post that your Tribe members have posted. Hover over the green box to approve those post to tweet. Click on Settings at the top of the page to specify how long between tweets. I set mine to 1 hour.

Triberr Tutorial

The default is 15 minutes. That might be a little too close together.


There is an area that says Post Comment – these comments will show up in Triberr not on their blog.


If you are not a member of a Tribe. Click on Tribe at the top of the page, and then go to Explore New Tribes. Narrow it down by category. I searched in the Music & Books category.

Triberr Tutorial

Once you get established you can check on your posts. Who is sharing them, how many clicks you get on each post. This is a great way to judge your popularity. What is more viral, what doesn’t work etc.

Triberr Tutorial

I recommend following all the members of your Tribe, especially if you are the Chief (you started the tribe). Community is the BIG selling point in the Triberr environment. If you are a new blog just starting out…this just might be the place for you. But, it is also a great way established blogs can team up together and share resources.

Using Triberr for better Marketing

Like any other promotional tool though, Triberr can be super useful or it can be a total flop, here are some tips on using Triberr to increase your reach:

  1. Content is Key – If you don’t have good content, no one is going to want to share it. Make sure you title your posts to draw people in and then follow up with great content.
  2. Join the right tribe – The goal is like-minded individuals and blogs. If you blog Young Adult you don’t want to join a tribe that is mainly comprised of Erotica lovers. Their followers won’t be as receptive to your posts. Make sure you find a nice Young Adult Book Bloggers tribe.
  3. Diversify – A good target to shoot for is 2 or 3 tribes, with diverse membership. You don’t want to join two tribes with the same members in each. Then you would be reaching the same followers. Look around and find a few tribes that work for you. You can shoot for HUGE reaching tribes with 100s of members, or you can go for a very specific group that reaches a certain niche – it is all about what woks for you.
  4. Share – To get people to share your posts you have to share theirs!
  5. Look Before You Tweet – Check out the posts first before you share them, you might be sharing an OLD giveaway, or something that is irrelevant, or maybe content that you might not agree with. Check it out before you approve. Then leave a comment that says you were there. Might as well, this builds community.
  6. Content not so good? – If you regularly sign into a particular tribe and are not finding anything you would want to tweet, maybe you should rethink your membership to that tribe. It is probably not for you.
  7. Follow – Are your tribe mates sharing your content? That is awesome, you should probably follow them on twitter. Just a hint.
  8. Make it Count – Only share the really important things. You don’t want to spam your followers. Quality over Quantity. Sharing others stuff shows you care, but you don’t want to go overboard. And remember if they aren’t sharing back you should probably rethink your tribe. The point is to reciprocate, not just sit back and let someone else do the work.

Do you use Triberr? Do you have any tips on how it works for you?

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity. Have a question you want answered on the BB101? Fill out the form below.

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