Under the Dome, Watch-Along – Season 1, Episode 2

Overall Thoughts: For some reason the show’s writers are trying to show both sides of the characters, it’s like they are flip-flopping as to what they want us to think about each character.

This episode again starts out with Barbie acting like a complete thug. It is as if he is someone’s strong-arm, or how they make it seem. It also makes it so much worse, since he is staying at the house of the man he killed, basically shacking up with his wife. I mean what kind of person would do something like that and then keep thanking her for letting him stay there? Yet, later, just like the first episode it shows him coming to the rescue of the town. It’s like a real mind-squished. Is he a good guy or is he a bad guy? He even has to go back and find his dog-tags at the scene of the crime, where he killed Julia’s husband and he is all sneaking around in the woods. I don’t know if I like how they are portraying him, he’s nothing like the character in the book

The radio team, Phil and Dodee have figured out that they are under a Dome and not just surrounded by a wall, but they want to keep it under wraps so they don’t panic the general masses. They’ve also established that the Army outside the dome are keeping things secret. Yet, they sit on this information, claiming they aren’t a news channel – until Julie barges her butt in there and takes over.

Under The Dome

Angie being held in Junior’s bomb shelter. Photo from CBS.com

The Angie and Junior storyline gets deeper as she tries to antagonize him by saying that her and Barbie did have sex, which he suspected just from seeing the two of them share a cigarette.  She was trying to anger him for some reason so she lied to get a reaction and maybe get him to let her out. He chains her to the bed as she tries to escape, but then shows his softer side by saying he just wants his girlfriend back. Again it is a flip flop of character intentions. This guy is a nutcase, I don’t know why they are trying to justify his actions.

Joe and his skateboard friend in this episode are proving that they are the brains of the whole operation…by mapping out the dome and figuring out that water can get through the dome a tiny bit.

Big Jim is scheming and threatening through the entire episode, but also still trying to play the “fatherly politician” figure that is just doing things “to better the town.” But, it’s obvious that he has some serious underhanded insanity going on. He’s enlisted the local preacher, who he puts in charge of wrangling up the evidence, which turns into incompetently burning down the sheriff’s house. This turns into a town-wide fiasco, with the preacher trapped in there and Big Jim standing there looking freaked-out. Barbie actually steps up to the plate and starts directing people to help put out the blaze. Showing his hero side.

Linda, who is acting as town sheriff busts into the house and drags out the preacher, which brings up a lot of questions. What was he doing in Duke’s house?

Under the Dome

Julia and Barbie in front of Duke’s house as it burns. Photo from CBS.com

Explosions and craziness ensue. But, the town pulls together and using a swimming pool puts out the massive blaze. It shows small town helpfulness with the finale of Big Jim just barreling into the house with an earth mover.

The whole episode was a contrast of character personalities, the main characters showing different sides of themselves. The hero and the villain. You don’t know who to trust, Barbie or Big Jim, both are up to no good it would seem, but also they both seem to want to help. I can already tell how the series is now starting to diverge from the book already, but I did enjoy it. It’s a big mystery…what is going on with the Propane? Why did Barbie kill Julie’s husband? Will they find out what Junior is doing with Angie.

I think I might be hooked. It’s not the best thing on television, but it ain’t that bad.