Unless you’ve had your head stuck up your RSS, you are probably aware that today Google Reader is no more.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 4.31.50 PM

The majority of you, I’ve noticed have been switching to Bloglovin’ – which I’m cool with. I have my Bloglovin’ account. You can find me here. But, I DO have some issues. At first it was showing 2 Parajunkee’s View feeds (which is probably a Feedburner issue, since they had three PJV feeds – who freakin’ knows!). Then it wasn’t updating right away. Actually it still isn’t updating. It was a week behind schedule, but I emailed support and they fixed it to update, just as I was about to post this tip. We will see if it continues to update. I will keep you posted.  So, while I want to jump on the Bloglovin’ bandwagon, I am still unsure because of recent issues. Frowny face. I do have to give much props to the support though. They are on the ball and for a free service, wow, just wow. So BLOGLOVIN is my site of choice.

Home_Girl_s_Book_BlogI have also been using FEEDLY. It’s a pretty interface and integrates well with Google. Blogs can be easily entered, but there will not be that cherished NUMBER to display on your site. And it’s just a standard reader. It can easily be organized, but they also feed you other stuff that I am just not interested in.

I also tried BlogLines.com and found it terribly confusing and didn’t work as I tried to migrate. Not using that one. Nope.

Finally, there is LINKY FOLLOWERS which I had high hopes for, but I’m about to remove it from the sidebar. You have to manually go in and update your feed and the Reader is just kind of silly. Basically you get a list of blogs you are following and you can click to go to their site. I really like Brent Rigg’s operation, I pay for a yearly subscription to his Linky Tools, but he’s offering Followers as a free service and claiming the un-user-friendlyness is because it is Free. Not gonna make that a popular service mister. You won’t see it on my sidebar as of now.

I wish there was a site that did it all…and really Bloglovin’ looks like the one…I just hope all the kinks get worked out for me and other users that have expressed some drawbacks. How is it working for you guys? Any other suggestions?