I had heard good things about Jessica Sorensen, so when I was approached to join her book tour, I was excited to do the review. But, I will have to warn you that this review might be a bit critical.

Let me start by first saying that I enjoy Sorensen’s voice, she has a interesting tone that drew me in. She also had a great idea, the story-line was compelling and I was interested throughout the whole book. There was nothing boring about this book! I think if Ms. Sorensen had a quality editor her books would be amazing.

But, while entertaining and a competent writer, the book had too many flaws for me to give it a high rating. I can look over a misnomer here and there, but it was mistake after mistake that was glaringly obvious after awhile.

From what I gathered, EMBER was originally a young adult novel that was pulled, changed and then republished as a New Adult novel. I figured that out, not by reading Goodreads reviews…but from the book itself. The story is about a girl named Ember who can see death. Everyone she touches their death flashes within her head. Death and destruction every where, because most of the people she encounters die horrible deaths.

Ember lives in a small town where everyone knows about her and her strange and criminal parents. She is nineteen years old and a Junior at the Community College. This was stated in the book, they were Juniors. Another Junior with her, MacKenzie, was just about to make 18 (she must have graduated really early from high school), she was the mean girl in the story. This was just one of the glaring errors that I noticed within the book which made me realize that the book had been rewritten to be a New Adult. The author had obviously just added a lot of sexual activity, which included a lot of boob-time. Ember was getting her tatas sucked on in public a lot. The art studio, the lake, behind the bar…the boys (yes there was a love-triangle) would just go straight to the teet. No kissing, hello boob.

Other then that the book was a good read, if you ignored some of the typos and grammar issues that are normal in self-published novels. Ember was a unique character and the plot of the story was very interesting and kept me guessing, even though some of scenes were a little thin. Again I think this is because the book was poorly transitioned to a New Adult and the scenes were added without being flushed out properly. Again, though she did a great job with the character building and the tension. I was invested in this book, I cared about the characters. I also disliked a few of them, mainly Raven the best friend. I thought she was a terrible friend. Ember can do so much better!

I recommend checking it out, especially if you like a good quirky read and you are a forgiving reader. The scenes reminded me of Melissa Marr’s world. So, if you like Marr’s writing, check out this book.