In a sea of unoriginality – yes the blogging niche can be stuck on repeat sometimes – I’m daring you to be an original. Readers can get tired of seeing a “rewritten” or repackaged meme, or a blogger doing the same old thing that they’ve seen on every other blog. I’m personally so tired of reading about authors that plagiarize other authors, or reading about the same type of author events over and over again. I’m squeamish about Pulled To Publish fan fiction, I’m grumpy about novels that seem to be Twilight fan-fiction that doesn’t admit it is fan-fiction. Overall, I’m just dying for some fracking originality and I’m sure voracious readers can be in that rut also. What do you think? That is why when I find a blogger whose voice shines, or an author whose plot blows me away – I latch on and I bring them into my little happy creative bubble. Mine. Mine. Mine.

I’m not saying it is easy. I’m not saying I’m always an original. I’m not. And neither can the rest of us bloggers and authors. If there was someone who was a complete original all the time they would probably only be appreciated after they were dead. The unfortunate side-effect of original artists.ย  But, I can dare myself to try and be somewhat original in most of the things I do. And today I’m daring you. Flick away all that white noise and embrace a rainbow of inspiration…you don’t have to do things, just because this is the way it is done. You don’t have to stick to a regime. You don’t have to do anything…just because someone wrote a stupid tutorial about how to do something. Even these posts. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just dare to be yourself, because there is only one of you. There might be someone like you, but no one just like you and make your blog an extension of you.

If you need a nudge, I’ve put together some tips on being creative and original in blogging, some of these steps might just make your voice shine and wash out all the white noise that surrounds us…

  1. Be Yourself. Don’t try to imitate anyone. Don’t base your blog design on another bloggers. Don’t try to imitate another blogger’s writing style. Put personal touches within your posts, add a bit of flare to each one of your post, like a signature style or way of doing things.
  2. Step Out. Sometimes step out of your routines. I know I recommend setting an editorial calender and delivering what your readers want. But, sometimes stepping out of the box and posting something different really works. Maybe just a photo, or maybe fan art. Just don’t be afraid to post something different.
  3. Be An Inspiration, Not Inspired. If you have to write… “This was inspired by XXX” in front of a post or a meme you might want to rethink things. What makes this post different from the original idea? Is it needed or are you just hoping to benefit from the original’s success? I have done this in the past, changed a meme because I thought it would be better if this was added. They flop and they flop badly. I learned my lesson and wiped the egg off my face as I buried the meme waaaay down in archives. I didn’t do my meme to gain pageviews, I did it because it was how I wanted to do the meme, but I still had comments that I was ripping off the other meme. So I’m sure a few people were thinking it when they saw the meme. I don’t want to be thought of as a copycat.
  4. Research. Think you have an original idea, search on the internet? It might not be as original as you thought. If you do find it – think long and hard before you “just go with it.”
  5. Change your Substrate. A substrate in art is what you create your art on. Like canvas or sketch paper. If you want to step out of the box, maybe vlog a day or two, do a podcast. Change it up.
  6. Break-Away. They recommend that you try not to read when you are writing. If you are trying to get inspired, maybe step away from other blogs for a bit and let the inspiration come to in the off-line world. Get inspired by things outside of book blogging.
  7. Change Topics. Nothing says you have to just blog books all the time. Have you figured out how to do something on your own blog? Share it. Watched a great movie? Review it. Have a great story that you heard from a friend? Share it.
  8. Baby Steps. Not feeling like a big change? Maybe small steps like going with a different Blog Tour host company, joining a different type of reading challenge, joining a different book group,ย  or just switching genres for a bit might work for you and get those original juices going.

It is your blog and you are ultimately responsible for its content. Make it worth it. Good luck.

Book Blogger News:


Alleged Ghostwriter Plagiarizes two Well-Known New Adult Authors

This is how the story goes. Tammara Weber, the author of Easy gets word that there might be a book out there that copied her very popular novel. The story is brought to Jane Litte’s attention ( and Jane makes a fabulous post, showing screen caps, comparisons and an overall great case that smells a lot like plagiarism. It also comes out that Weber wasn’t the only one copied, another popular novel was copied,ย Beautiful Disaster similarities were peppered throughout the novel. Once the post goes live on twitter blows up. Most of the twitter users have no problem tweeting the suspected plagiarist (Jordin Williams). She responds with an odd story about how she had the book ghostwritten on, even though in her bio it says she is a ghostwriter herself. She does apologize to the two authors claiming her “ghostwriter” plagiarized and claims she hasn’t made any money from the book sales yet. The book has been on sale for a few days though and was already listed on Top Amazon lists. This means it was generating big sales. She might not have gotten a check yet, but it was generating money and probably a good chunk. Did I say she? Remember that picture on Jordin’s about page. Stock image, seems a lot about this author is FAKE. And wait — on Jordin William’s page – it says gender = male. This case gets weirder and weirder. Because thenย Jamie McGuire claims that Jordin Williams is actually Jordin Baker, who wrote Sparkle (which I’m confused because I thought that was Jorden Sparks who starred in Sparkle – never mind), even worse, there is also a Jordin Bishop that shows up on Google — that wait – published the same book – but it was pulled from B&N . The web of lies gets thicker and thicker!

Yet as this whole fiasco deepens the Amazon and Goodreads reviews pile up and 1 stars are being dished out like crazy. Twitter has raised an army and they are determined. Jordin Williams changes her twitter account and pulls her Blogger down, no content. She claims it was recommended to him/her. Made her look pretty guilty though. Then the book comes down from Amazon, an article is posted on then a disclaimer is placed on And it would seem our job is done. If you had purchased the book from Amazon it is recommended that you return it. If you reviewed it a lot of reviewers are pulling their reviews. Your discretion as always.

Tim Burton Gets Peculiar Children

The amazing Tim Burton is said to Direct Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children a book that seems right up his alley. I can’t wait to see his interpretation! {source}