PJV Quickie: Are Aliens the new dystopian over-lords? It seems so and Rick Yancy’s The Fifth Wave is leading the charge in setting this new fad. In Yancy’s future the aliens have come to Earth and they are not fugly little brown men that like to eat candy and say funny quips in broken English, no they are here to destroy everything!

The main character in this original Young Adult Apocalypse novel is Cassie. Cassie has lived through an alien take-over of the planet Earth. The alien motherships came silently and hovered over the planet and one by one each wave hit – thousands, millions, billions of people died. Cassie feels like she is the only person left on the planet, she can’t trust anyone…she knows she is hunted, but because the aliens where human skins in this last wave – just talking to another human can mean her death. She’s just lost her father, her brother was taken away and all she can focus on is getting him back. She holds on to his stuffed bear, she writes in her journal and she tries to stay sane and survive.

Cassie was a great character, she was both parts innocence and survivor. Being in her head was enjoyable and scary as she lived within this screwed up world that Yancy created. I liked how determined she was, but also how she knew that she couldn’t do it alone. She wasn’t one of those characters that just made crazy decisions that worked out in the end, just so she could be obstinate for the sake of being obstinate and cause problems that led to plot movement. The other characters were also just as rich and Yancy pulled them all together seamlessly. He switched POVs and showed the current world from within the camp of children and actually from within an alien’s head to give their perspective. There was also a slight romance that gave the story a bit of emotional swoon factor. So, have we gotten the breakdown yet?  Aliens + crazy internal dialogue + action and murderous alien intent + children training to kill + swoon-worthy romance + fab characters = a 5 star book! It’s like Ender’s Game for “grown-up” teens, meets The Hunger Games.

A must read!

The narration was also top-notch. Brandon Espinoza did the boy parts and Phoebe Strole did the girl parts. I love when they have a female and male voice with POVs shift. It gives the audiobook more depth. I did enjoy Phoebe’s voice more, but they were both on par.

Recommendations: If you are a fan of apocalypse fiction in the young adult age range, you’ll love The Fifth Wave. The book was reminiscent of 80s/90s era fiction but modernized to the new taste of YA. If you like books like Ender’s Game…you should really enjoy.