Under The Dome Watch Along

Stephen King defined my adolescence, so I’m always excited when one of his books transitions to the big or little screen. While, reading him later I haven’t been able to appreciate him as much as I did when I was twelve, his books still hold a special place in my heart. I had read UNDER THE DOME the day it came out. All 1K+ pages and unfortunately wasn’t as impressed as I was hoping to be. Read my review if you are interested.  But, I thought it would make a good mini-series. Now they actually made a television show from the premise and it aired on CBS last night. This calls for a Watch-Along!!! Anyone or no one can join in… 😉

First Thoughts About The Pilot of UNDER THE DOME

This was the main character introduction segment. That was my main grumpiness over the book – there were so many characters! The pilot quickly introduces all the main characters in a quick fashion. It will be easier to figure out who is who in the television show because you get used to switching POVs in television, whereas in a book it can get confusing.

There were still a lot of characters:

List of Characters Under the Dome

I also realized that the Pilot was almost exactly like the book. They did reveal a few things that weren’t shown until much later in the book, but it was a good introduction. All of the above characters were introduced and it was immediately obvious that Junior was a psycho, Big Jim was power hungry and up to no good, that Barbie was an unknown, he seemed like a good guy, but it opened with him digging a grave! He has to be up to no good also! They also made Julia out to be someone that people don’t respect. Then there was Joe who I had imagined as much younger, but I like Colin Ford as the role.

The Special Effects

There were cows getting cut in half, planes crashing and trucks smashing. I wasn’t that hip on the cow getting cut in half, but the truck smashing was pretty good. One squished truck. It was for television and summer television, so it wasn’t jaw-dropping, but they did a good job.

Captain Dale "barbie" Under the domeFavorites

I’m sorry, I’m female, so the dashing Captain was the high-point for me. He wasn’t what I imagined in my head, because King wrote him more aged, I didn’t imagine a hot young guy…even though it makes sense. King just has a very mature tone, he uses phrases and terms that are something you would expect with an older man, not a young Army captain. It’s just a King thing, so I always imagine his characters older. The show’s version of Barbie was much better then my imaginations.

The Storyline

There wasn’t enough time to establish the story as a whole, but you got the basics. They are stuck in a Dome. No one knows what is going on, but the Army has set-up show outside, are they to blame? There is also something rather nefarious going on within the town, courtesy of the Sheriff and the Councilman Big Jim Rennie. Is that why the Dome is there? Big Jim’s son, Junior, is also off the hook, cray-cray and might be the big baddie of the series.


I enjoyed the first show and look forward to next Monday’s episode. King’s books are kind of hit and miss when translated to visual, but I think he might have written this thinking that it might one day make it to the screen. My first take is that it might make a much better television show then a book.