PJV Quickie: Engaging the Enemy was a very sloooooow read. While it had some great plot points, it was like pulling teeth most of the time.

Review: I honestly feel bad about writing a negative review for this book because it had a great concept. Who doesn’t love a historical romance with a bit of mystery? The book starts with the return of Leopold Randall’s return to his home in Hampshire. Banished from Romsey Abbey by the late Duke, Leopold had to leave his three siblings behind. But now that both the Duke and his son has past away, Leopold is back to find his siblings. He has a plan and it allows no distractions, until he meets Mercy, the Duchess of Romsey, and her young son, Edwin, the new Duke of Romsey.

Leopold is immediately smitten by Mercy, who can’t seem to keep her hands off of him. However, Leopold must resist because he’s discovered something that could change everything. Unfortunately, staying away from Mercy becomes more difficult when he learns that she and her son are being threatened by an unknown culprit.

Leopold was very easy to like in the book. I’ve always had a soft spot for men who take care of their siblings, maybe it’s that I see their potential to be a good father. Add that to the fact that he’s caring and loyal and you have a very likable main male character. The same thing goes for Mercy. She was very likable and I loved that she was so passionate. She knew what she wanted and she did anything to get it, even if it meant chasing a man that acted like he didn’t want to be chase. I think I like that part of the book the most because it was “unladylike” for a woman to chase a man at that time. I’m always for characters who don’t really give a damn and throw caution to the wind.

Unfortunately, while I loved the main characters, I didn’t like their story. Honestly, the biggest problem for me was the flow of the book. The book went too slow because everything was dragged out. I found myself almost 50% through it and Leopold had made no progress with finding his siblings and wasn’t even looking for a while. Here I am thinking I’m going to uncover some mystery and go on this painful journey of finding them and I’m stuck in Romsey Abbey with Mercy and Leopold fighting an attraction for each other. That’s fine and dandy because I need romance in anything I read, but at that point I just felt like we weren’t going anywhere.

Then there’s the overdramatic reaction to EVERYTHING. I seriously felt like I was having whiplash at every turn. It’s weird because something would happen or be said during a conversation, which was sorta/kinda a big deal, but then the people involved would either overreact or react too fast. It’s very hard to explain and it might seem petty, but I think it made the book a little hard to get through. The flow was all wrong and, at times, the conversations didn’t feel natural.

Besides all that, there were a number of things I enjoyed, as mentioned before. I did like the mystery, especially the mystery surrounding the threats made to Mercy. I especially loved that I couldn’t figure out who the person was behind all the threats. Seriously, I had a new suspect with every turn of the pages. Also, I loved the side characters. I thought they were a great addition to the book and I was just as interested in their story as I was in main characters’ story. Which is why I will be reading the next book in the series because I’m very interested in reading Blythe’s (Mercy’s sister) story. I’m seiously hoping that the next book is easier to get through.