Daily Blogging Tip.

The one thing that the majority of internet users agree with…

Captcha can be annoying!!! We’ve all run into those indispensable CAPTCHA texts. And you as a web site owner have no way to control your captcha. So you either try to improve it — or you take it off. Because if you get a bad bit of captcha, your readers won’t comment.

Turn it off. Here is a quick way to Remove Captcha.

Most bloggers using the BLOGGER platform don’t even realize that they have Captcha turned on. It stays on by default and it won’t show when you are logged in to your blog and hit reply. They know who you are.


It is a quick fix. Go into your Blogger Dashboard, scroll down to Post & Comments and look for Comment Moderation. This should be on Never. Then look for Word Verification, and it should be on No if you want to turn off your Captcha.

turn off captcha