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I spent a lot of time searching for my next Amazon freebie to review. I finally settled on Kindred; it received fairly good reviews, and I liked the synopsis. I enjoy reading books where the main characters fall in love despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Usually it just makes me root for their love even more; unfortunately, that was not the case for this book.

After reading the prologue I was actually thinking this might be a read I would enjoy. It began with a bit of suspense and piqued my interest as to what the story of these two little children was. Even once it jumped to present day events, I thought the story had potential. That is until the male lead, Devon, entered the picture. Cassie, the heroine, immediately falls in love with him; not just in love, it’s more like, “He’s my whole world and I’ll die if he leaves me.” I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I just can’t wrap my head around a romance that happens in the blink of an eye. The whole “destined to be together” thing doesn’t work for me. It takes some time and good character development to convince readers that a couple has crossed over into “love” territory, let alone trying to convince them that while the two characters know next to nothing about each other, they’re head over heels. As far as the romance goes, I wasn’t a fan because it was hard for me to believe.

Most of the paragraphs seemed to go in circles. I feel like this is deja vu; I’m pretty sure I’ve had this same complaint many times before with different books. Cassie spends most of her time agonizing over how much she’s drawn to Devon, but she doesn’t want to get close to anyone because she doesn’t expect to live very long. She’ll express her feelings on the topic, then she’ll do it again in the next paragraph, only it is worded just a little different. To me it felt like filler, or perhaps the author wanted to drive the point home that she is very conflicted, but after a few chapters it became really annoying.

The one thing I did appreciate about this book is that the heroine, Cassie, was portrayed as being really strong. In fact, she was often referred to as the best Hunter of the group. We really don’t get to see her use her skills too much though, which is disappointing. I could understand her conflicting feelings about her lot in life. On one hand, with so few Hunters left in the world, it falls on her and her friends’ shoulders to protect the innocent humans from monsters. On the other hand, being a Hunter is almost sure to cut her life span drastically short and it takes away any hopes of ever leading a “normal” life.

I wasn’t very impressed with this book overall. There was too much of the same ideas repeating over and over again; that, combined with Cassie and Devon’s insta-love, made for a read that I found impossible to love. This is part of a trilogy, so there is always that possibility that future books will be better. Have any of you disliked the first book in a series, only to fall in love with the rest? If you have examples, please post them in the comments!


Verdict: I’m so glad this one was free. If you’re not bothered by love that happens unbelievably fast, then you might enjoy Kindred.