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Cover Junk Edition. Covers that make you go…

WTF Book Covers


This first one…it has to be an intentional attempt to look like a B Movie, right?? It has to be? But, then I read the synopsis and I guess maybe this was an attempt to look like a good cover. Is that a zombie, chewing on a car? I guess the significance of his green shorts would become apparent in the novel – I hope there was a reason for them. Goodreads. I would also like to direct you guys to the Amazon page for this book. The author actually used Amazon reviews in her “reviews” section in a graphic. The first review is peppered with misspellings and odd phrasings. I guess she was so excited to have a glowing review that she had to immortalize it in an image.

Note to designers and would-be DIY authors. Never use the font Papyrus. It has the same results as using the font Comic Sans. Centering your text within the design is also a great idea. Check it out on Amazon.

It is also a really good idea when you are designing a book cover, that you can actually read the title of the book. Granted it would help if the title actually made sense to read it…but why be picky? Also, the only reason I clicked on this cover was because I thought she was naked. Fighting the zombie apocalypse naked!! I was disappointed when I just realized her shirt is the exact same color as her skin. On Amazon.

Who did it better?

The concept of the open road when it comes to zombie novels has been implemented in countless forms. Here are a few, which on did it better?


Others that I found after graphic:

Books in the above graphic:
And Darkness Fell
The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury (The Walking Dead Series)
WALKERS: from the universe of THE WALKING DEAD Series (Zombie Apocalyptic fiction in the vein of World War Z) – Episode 1
Contamination 1: The Onset (Contamination Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Series)
Warm Bodies: A Novel