PJV Quickie: While this book did have a few problems, the ending and the emotion that the final climax left me reeling within, warranted a 5 star review for me. It was a wonderful culmination of events and throughout the entire time I was reading the book I would have never guessed the outcome. Pivot Point by Kasie West is a fabulous read, West has a unique ability to write about normal things but still increase intensity with each sentence. I highly recommend Pivot Point to anyone who’ll listen!

Review: The basic premise of the book revolves around the main character Addison Coleman and a unique ability she has, called Divergence. Addison can see two possible outcomes of her future when she has a choice to make. She ‘searches’ her two choices and actually lives out those events in her head. She has grown up in a Compound where they cater to people like her, people with abilities. They are more advanced then the regular humans that live outside the compound, both with technology and “brain usage.” When her parents decide to get a divorce, Addison is faced with two choices. Live with mom, inside the Compound or move away with her father and live with the Norms in a life she would have never dreamed.

Reading the synopsis of the book I thought it sounded unique, if not predictable. The book has two perspectives, life with dad in the “Norm” world or life with mom in the Compound. Life with dad leads to a romance with a normal boy, a sensitive and understated artist, life with mom leads to a romance with the star quarterback and telekinetic wielding hottie, Duke. The ending should be her choice of artist or hottie, right?? With a bit of heart-ache and angst, maybe solve a mystery along the way, right? Boy was I wrong! While at first I believed my preconceived notions of the book was correct and I found myselfy bored with the premise of the novel. I was instantly taken to Tyler, the normal boy and completely turned off by Duke and Addie’s life in the Compound. So, trudging through the Compound POV was a chore for me, I just wanted to get back to Tyler and Addison’s fun perspective of dealing with Norm technology. It was funny, and romantic – I had my team lined up really quick.

But, just as I was finding the tedium of Duke’s world wearing on me, everything began to change, the mystery evolved and I couldn’t wait for both POVs. What would happen next? Maybe I do like Duke a bit more then I thought. I was engrossed and from that point on, I did not set the book down. Not once, until I got to the last page and then I kind of had a freak out moment. The book was good, no, the book was great.

West introduces characters and changes them. First you like them, then you hate, first you hate them, then you like them. How did she do this? I don’t think I’ve ever read another book where I changed my mind about characters as much as I did within the pages of Pivot Point. It was truly a breathtaking experience. Again, you have to experience this book, but give it some time – this one doesn’t pull you in from the first moment, you have to give it a bit of time before it really gets good.

Recommendations: Recommended for fans who like to read Young Adult, both Contemporary and Paranormal Romance genres. The books almost more science fiction then Young Adult Paranormal, considering Addison and her advanced buddies rarely use their special powers within the book. It’s more about relationships. There is also not a single thing to be squeamish about when handing it over to your teen. This one is recommended for a 12+ audience. Fans of Kiersten White, Maggie Stiefvater and Bridget Zinn should really enjoy.

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