The second book of the Dark Angel series starts off right where the first book ended. Alyx, and Israel are having their issues, and trying to overcome their feelings for each other. Or work out their relationship. Alyx is dealing with her new status as a rogue. She now has Mini to care for and everything she previously believed to be true was mostly lies. Her worldview has completely shifted. She manages the best she can.

I really loved the first book in this series. Angelfire, was something different and new. I liked the story. However, it is a complex world that Hanna created, and being instantly thrown back in to it with Anglestone, I found myself floundering. At least for the first 13%, then I found my stride and the book really picked up.

I will admit, this one seemed a bit heavy on the romance/relationship side of it, and light on the action. Which was a bit saddening to me. Hanna writes awesome fight scenes and I was really looking forward to them. The ending definitely gave me a good action fix though.
It was also light on the paranormal aspect, at least from the angels side. The bloodink and other things were mentioned. But it seemed that the demon’s and their powers came to the forefront in this one. With Israel finding out he’s part demon he leans he can do more than just sit around and let Alyx risk her life for him. He becomes an even more active player in the book which was cool. Not that he ever just sat around and let things happen around him, but he now knows that the playing field has leveled a bit.

The story also seemed to be caught in the second book syndrome for a bit, where the story was just filling in the cracks for the epic third book. That doesn’t mean that important things didn’t happen in this book, just that nothing seems to be resolved from those important things, which instantly made me want book 3. Right now! I need to know what happens to these characters, I care what happens to these characters.

Overall this book was great, and a fulfilling second book. I do want to continue with the series. I do, however, recommend refreshing your mind of the first book before you dive back in. Re-read some reviews, or the ending. Just to give your brain the jump start that mine needed.

Thank you Hanna for allowing me to read your work. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out.