PJV Quickie: I wanted to love this book! I am all about Illona Andrews and the concept was good, but I think I did myself a disservice by starting at book four. Or I could just take it at face value and state that the world-building was just too much for me. Entertaining and intriguing, but just too much crammed within 400 pages. It was a middle of the road book for me, leaving me with an okay taste in my mouth, but nothing to sing praises about.

Review: Steel’s Edge is the tale of Charlotte de Ney, a noble healer born in the Weird. Charlotte is one of the best healers in the Weird, but when she reaches a mature age she is married to a man that she thinks loves her. That is, until she finds out she is barren and he quietly divorces her. The point of marriage, to her husband, is to have blueblood children. Charlotte, distraught, flees to the in-between, the Edge, where she sets up shop and tries to make a home for herself.

One evening an injured man is brought to her and while trying to save him, he brings to her door the slavers that he was trying to take down. The slavers kill her friend and take Richard hostage – Charlotte’s has only one focus now. Revenge. She must destroy the slavers that threw her life into chaos and killed her friend.

Steel’s Edge, and the world within was a complicated world, with a slight focus on a romance. Charlotte and Richard had to find each other, find slavers, hatch a plot, get introduced to the previous characters of the series and forthcoming characters (I’m assuming), fall in love, establish love, take revenge…and through it all kept my attention, I was lost in a whirlwind of world-building and plot points. I liked Charlotte and Richard, I liked the side characters, I thought the world was quite interesting. The Edge is a series I definitely want to explore in detail, but because of the great many things that needed to be accomplished in the book, I felt the romance was brushed over and kind of forced. I also have to mention, the villains were ridiculously villainous, to the point of stereotypical 2D quality which left me bored at times.

Overall, Steel’s Edge, was your typical fantasy/paranormal romance, with the broad sweeping worlds that are usual of the genre. If the romance wouldn’t have been forced at times I think I would have enjoyed it much more.

Recommendations: Recommended to read book one in the series, fans of Illona Andrews will enjoy. Paranormal Romance and Dystopian or Fantasy Romance fans should also really enjoy this series. This is an adult romance read, with plenty of sexy time.

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