PJV Quickie: This was a light, uncomplicated read that completely sucked me in from the beginning. I loved the premise of the story, and while it’s not unique, it still stood out for me. It’s filled with great characters that you’ll fall completely in love with and a wonderful love story that will have you swooning.

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Title: Undeclared
Author: Jen Frederick
Series: Woodlands #1
Type: Contemporary Romance/New Adult
Published: May 1st, 2013 by Jen Frederick
Source: Book provided by Author for an Honest Review
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Guys, I read this book in one day. ONE DAY! That might not seem like a big deal to a lot of you, but it’s a very big deal for me. I get so easily bored distracted that I’ll be lucky to finish a book on the second day. But Undeclared completely hooked me from the beginning and I couldn’t bare to put it down for even a second.

Communication between Grace Sullivan and marine, Noah Phillips, started out as a high school project, but turned into four years of letters and care packages and, eventually, love. For a while Noah seemed like THE one and Grace began to fantasize about their life together. Unfortunately, all of that comes to an end when Grace receives a letter from Noah that effectively friend zones her. That was two years ago and now Grace has moved on with her life. She’s at a prestigious college with her best friend, and cousin, Lana and everything seems to be going great. So what if she has no idea what she wants to do with her life or that she hasn’t had a serious relationship in like…ever. Bottom line is, she’s just fine, that is until Noah turns up at her school determined to get Grace back.

First, let’s state for the record that Noah is MINE. I know I usually go for the bad guys, but Noah is so incredible sweet that you can’t help but fall in love with him (of course the fact that he’s built doesn’t hurt either). It would have been very easy for the author to go with the mysterious main male character; not knowing much about him and why he did what he did until the end. However, the author chose to write the story from both MCs point of view, which I think helped a lot. You’re able to get a sense of how he feels about Grace and how much the letters meant to him. Those letters signified that at least one person cared whether you lived or died, and for a while that was the only thing he could look forward to while in Afghanistan.

Grace was a wonderful character too, which I was pleasantly surprised by. I was expecting this annoying girl who would make a big deal over nothing. Because, let’s face it, that’s very common when it comes to, “I love you, but can’t be with you.” Sometimes the reasons are so ridiculous it’s painful. I loved that Grace didn’t just go straight back into Noah’s arms and made him work to prove that he deserved her. But, she also didn’t drag it out and torture us. Don’t get me wrong, she has her moments and she made some stupid decisions, but at the end of the day it helped to make her seem real.

I loved the progression of the story because it didn’t follow the ever annoying “we can’t be together for the entire book, but then at the end we’ll magically realize that we can actually be together.” You actually get to see a relationship between the two at some point. I also appreciated the other elements to the story, the self discovery, the struggle that a lot of college kids face when it comes to figuring out their life, and the friendships built during that time. This wasn’t just a romance book, and I think that’s what carries it over to the new adult genre, which really is about a person’s self discovery during that in between stage.

Recommendation: I would recommend this to anyone that’s looking for a light and sweet, romantic read. It will appeal to fans of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, but please note that this book is for mature audience as it contains some sexual scenes. Happy Reading!