Hi, everyone! It’s Lori, I’m filling for BB101 this week while PJ is playing/working at BEA! I shouldn’t feel jealous, nope I shouldn’t.


What makes me qualified to teach anyone anything about blogging, well nothing. I can’t even claim to have discovered how to do page breaks on my own, I’ve had great teachers who have shown me cool little easy tricks to make my blog look, and run smoother.

So now I am here to share this wonderful knowledge with all of you. I do happen to notice that people post really long blog posts without the break, which is fine if that is what you choose to do. But I find it’s easier for people to find more recent posts of mine, if one post isn’t taking up the whole front page. Especially if I have more than one post on a day, or more than one giveaway going on in a week.

There isn’t really all that much to learn about how to insert page breaks. In fact if you are using blogger, it’s easy peasy. I’ve come armed with some screen caps to show you where to click your mouse. It’s something so simple I wish I could say I learned how to do it without help, but unfortunately I am utterly hopeless when it comes to the tech side of blogging. So I had a friend show me how to do it. As it turns out my super long blog posts were driving her nuts.


Some people prefer to write their blog posts in the html post, it actually gives the blogger more control over how the post looks, even I write in HTML, and I am pretty much HTML handicapped, but I have learned a few things here and there. That being said the PAGE BREAK button doesn’t show up in the HTML tab, so you will have to manually input it. Don’t worry the code is super easy. Just type the code in wherever you want your break to go.

<!—more—> That’s three separate dashes before and after the more.

So that’s the basics of breaking the page, but there are a few more things you can do. Like customize what your page break says on the main page. The default is “READ MORE”, which is fine for most people, but once I discovered (and yes I figured this one out myself *pat on the back*) I could configure it, well I couldn’t stop myself from making it say something different.

How to change it is ridiculously easy. Just go to your blogs home page, click on LAYOUT.



Then Click the “edit” option under the blog posts area:



Once you are there a box will pop up and here is where you get creative:

And that’s all I know about PAGE BREAKS, hope it was helpful. 😀
PS: I’m sure self hosted Word Press blogs have some great, and cool PAGE BREAK options, but I am not familiar enough with WP to even begin to try and teach about them. I don’t play around with PJ’s. 😉
This post is dedicated to my blogging bestie who taught me how to do a bunch of cool stuff like this.