PJV Quickie: Damn Him to Hell the second book in Jamie Quaid’s Saturn’s Daughter series did not disappoint! The action kept coming, and Justine kept on making me jealous of her awesome. I found a new series to fangirl all over and it is the Saturn’s Daughter series a great addition to the Urban Fantasy genre!

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Urban Fantasy, Damn Him to Hell by Jamie Quaid

Title: Damn Him to Hell
Author: Jamie Quaid
Series: Saturn’s Daughter #2
Type: Urban Fantasy
Publication: June 25th 2013 by Pocket Books
Source: Book provided by Publisher for review
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Review: Justine “Tina” Clancy is still living on the outskirts of Baltimore’s toxic area, known as The Zone. Tina has also finally landed a law job, with a stuffy judge and is trying to balance her life in The Zone and her budding career. Things come crashing together, though when the Chemical plant has a leak and  suddenly there are pink sparkles all over The Zone and sending some of the residents into fits of rage and then into comas. Everyone knows that the Acme, the Chemical plant is to blame. Now Tina has to take care of the comatose Zone residents, figure out what the chemical spill actually is and how to put a stop to it’s effects and put a stop to the plant’s henchmen trying to “clean-up” the problem by making the patients disappear.

The deeper Tina gets into the mess, the more things point higher and higher up the food chain and now not only Andre is involved, her super sexy former boss, but also her ex-boyfriend, who’s soul has now taken residence in his cousin, the State Senator. Tina and The Zone have quite a problem on their hands and the clock is ticking as more and more Zone residents fall into comas.

What a great series! I’m totally enraptured with Tina and all the residents of The Zone. The Saturn’S Daughter series is unique, high-impact, sexy and smart. I can’t wait to see how Tina develops, I have a feeling she’ll be up there as one of the great Urban Fantasy characters, with other hot mama’s like Anita Blake, Kitty Norville and Kate Daniels.

If you’ve read the first book, you’ll be excited to know that Andre is just as big of a part of this book as the last. He is such a great character and we actually got to see more of him in this one. Quaid also brings in Tina’s ex, the now Senator hottie. He is much more refined then biker Nick, but he still has Nick’s charm. I’m infatuated with all the characters of Saturn’s Daughter and the whole premise of the books. The original ideas are a breath of fresh air in a redundant genre. Bring on more awesome Ms. Quaid, I can’t wait to read it.

Recommendations: Recommended for adult readers, fans of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. The novel has tame topics, nothing explicit or overly violent.

5 Stars [relatedratings=5]

Rachel Rivera