PJV Quickie:  Katie McGarry sure has a way of taking two screwed up people and redeeming them. While, the premises might be a bit cliche, McGarry’s strong character development and skilled writing surpasses all materialistic woes and delivers a great romance that isn’t easy for anyone involved.
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YA Contemporary, Dare You To by Katie McGarry

Title: Dare You To
Author: Katie McGarry
Series: Pushing The Limits #2
Type: Young Adult Contemporary
Publication: May 28th 2013 by Harlequin Teen
Source: Book provided by NetGalley.com
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Review: Katie McGarry introduced us to Beth Risk in her first PUSHING THE LIMITS novel that featured Noah and Echo. Beth is one of Noah’s only friends, along with Isaiah and she is from a very troubled home. Her mother is an addict and mom’s current boyfriend delights in beating the crap out of Beth. His latest escapades land Beth in jail and her uncle, who she hasn’t seen since she was a child, comes to the rescue. His form of rescue is taking her out of the city and to the tiny town where they grew up. A town full of picket fences and rumors about that night that her family left town.

“I don’t lose.” Ryan, Dare You To

YQueue Ryan. A jock and everything that Beth usually loathes. Popular, handsome, driven and he seems to have a fascination with the new girl. Beth understands guys like him though, she’s the new toy, the new dare, once he gets what he wants he’ll be gone quicker then you can say “slut.”

Again McGarry took very problematic teens, had them work through  those problems while coming to terms with first love in a way that was both heart-breaking and touching. She portrays the characters and their interactions in such a straight-forward and real way that you feel like you become a part of the story yourself. The PUSHING THE LIMITS series is truly a gem and I don’t know which one I would prefer, if I had to choose. I loved Beth’s story, I loved how stubborn she was and her actions were all congruent with her personality. She would make this insane choices and while I disagreed with her actions, I felt the realness of those actions within the story. McGarry truly has a gift and I feel privileged to have read these novels.

Ryan, is also a wonderful character and while I couldn’t relate to Beth’s tragic life, I could put myself in Ryan’s world. Ryan could have been my brother. He was another great character and completely unexpected. These novels do tend to stick to the plot  trick of bringing in troubled teens from different worlds with problems that all get “fixed” with love. But, they are great stories.

You have to experience this series. And while I loved Noah & Echo, adored Beth and Ryan…I can’t wait to read Isaiah’s story! There is a preview at the end DTY, talk about a tease! Ms. McGarry…please write faster! Mwah!

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pg13Recommendations: Recommended for mature teens, there are sexual situations and mature content, including drug use, drinking and bad language.

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