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Blogging 101Last night I had the pleasure of presenting my usual Blogging tutorials in front of a live audience. Well that was different!

The  presentation was held at the Jefferson Parish Library. It is the basics of blogging, not book centric, but it gives an intro to blogging, what is blogging that sort of thing. This is for the beginner blogger. People that are considering starting a blog.

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Book Blogger News

Think before you post.
You might have familiarized yourself with self-published author Kendall Grey before, you might not have. Her first UF series didn’t sell that well. But, Kendall has published a new novel, a very naughty novel. And that novel did sell. This is where she should thank her Lucky Stars for being an awesome Romance writer? Correct? No, Kendall was a bit resentful of the fact that the book that she put her blood, sweat and tears into didn’t sell, while the dirty little book that she wrote to “sell out” is getting put on the Top Amazon lists. So, she wrote a post and said of her readers: “Readers generally (don’t throw stones—I’m referring to the masses here, not individuals) don’t want art either. They want easily digestible, bite-sized nuggets of warm fuzzies.” {source} Look, I get it, I do. I have tried to write before, I’ve tried to publish. I struggled with Marketable? or Labor of Love? Because I know there is a difference. I think it’s art, publishers think it’s crap. It’s called life. Especially with artists. We don’t think like the general masses. That doesn’t make the general masses stupid, it makes us a little odd. You are selling to masses, masses are consumer driven. But, you don’t write about that in a blog post, you don’t write that your readers are consumer driven mind-slaves. Say “thank you. My fans are awesome.” And then bitch about it at your next writers group. I believe KG has gotten a ton of flack for this post. Her book is now peppered with 1 star reviews. People are supposedly emailing her and giving her a “talking to.” She has written an apology post, and stated that she tends to implement shock and awe in her post. That of course is fine and dandy. Implement shock and awe. But, like I tell bloggers and authors alike. If you do this, don’t be surprised when people freak out. There are groups now that are on the alert for things like this, you might think you are just writing to your writer buddies, but you are not! It is a live post on the internet for millions to read. Posts like these just fuel “bad behavior” fervor. I don’t agree with the tons of 1 stars that are now on KG’s book, just like I don’t agree with KG calling her readers basically stupid and then later stating “if you disagree then you’re just a bully.” This is just one big WTFery event if I ever saw one. This is how an author should not act. The goal is to sell books, right? You would think she would have learned from the Abercrombie guy.  {source}

FanFiction on Amazon
Amazon has teamed up with Alloy Entertainment (The Vampire Diaries,  Pretty Little Liars etc) to allow fans to write pieces about GOSSIP GIRL, VAMPIRE DIARIES and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and then sell them. These FanFic writers are going to be able to publish their work in Kindle Worlds a part of the Kindle Store. Royalities will be paid to the copyright holders (Alloy) and the author of the fanfic. I’m sure Amazon will get a bit of it also. They are estimating it at 35% of net revenue (on a book of 10,000 words) which is bigger chunk then some published authors receive. {source}

Publisher Peeps for OK
Beth Fred is organizing an auction to help the Oklahoma families that were hit by tornadoes. I will be donating a Cover Design. If you want to get involved, check out the site. Beth will be listing the listed of donated items 2pm today. {source}

If it walks like a chicken, it’s not a duck
I understand 1 star reviews hurt, but I don’t understand how you can constitute them with bullying behavior. The definition of bullying behavior on Google is: “Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.” The definition of bullying is not “stating an opinion that is in opposition to your own.” That is called a difference in opinion. That is called criticism. I do believe that users that target authors with 1 star reviews that haven’t read the books, only calling them out for the behavior is wrong. But, a legitimate review about the book IS NOT BULLYING!!! It seems the new thing to do is actually go to the police about 1 star reviews. Go to the police! “Today I am off to visit with Lancashire Police, I will be mentioning this although I am not sure what can be done.  I do know that most of the bullies/trolls are from the USA” Eve Thomas wrote. This post that Eve wrote has now turned the criticism into all out mockery. This back and forth is such a shame, because it makes it seem there is a battle of sorts going on, between users on Amazon and Goodreads and Authors. And that is a shame. Because we are all here because of our love of books.  {source1} {source2}

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Question of the Day

I wrote a negative review about a book. I did not like the book at all. The author contacted me in the comments and said they were sorry that I didn’t like it, would I give the second book a try. I know I will probably not like the second book either. Should I respond? Should I delete the comment? It is kind of freaking me out.” – Anon

That is a tough one. I had a publicist do this. If I didn’t like the first book, why would I like the second in the series?? It is like setting me up for another negative review. I wouldn’t delete the comment. I guess best bet would be to just reply and say thank you for the offer and the comment. And leave things rather ambiguous. Then if they get in touch with you via email, tell them no thank you, but your policy is that you will not review a book that another book in the series got less than a 1 star review etc. Just blame policy. 😀

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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