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Book Blogging 101:

Ten Things a NEWBIE Book Blogger Should Know.

  1. Nothing happens automatically. Authors will not automatically send you books as soon as you slap a review policy up on your site. Book Blogging takes time and in order for authors to find you, you need to get your book blog off the ground. So step 1 with any book blog is marketing and networking.
  2. ARCs come in time, but don’t expect them. Do not assume you will get tons of ARCs just because you start your blog. The best way to get in on the ARC craze is to join
  3. You should request books from the publishers. Authors get a few ARCs and finished copies, but they don’t get a ton of them and those will usually go to their author friends, family and their choice reviewers. A lot of the time if an author sends you a review copy they purchase them and then mail them to you. So, the easiest way to get a review copy is going through the publisher. Publishers will have special email addresses for requesting review copies on their webpages. Just do a search, you can usually find the email address on their CONTACT US page.
  4. Media Mail is your friend. When mailing a book to a contest winner, a friend, or for a book exchange you can mail through MEDIA MAIL, this is a way to save money on postage.
  5. Don’t take without asking. No matter how pretty that picture is on the internet that you found, if it does not say that it is available for use, please don’t use it. Always ask for permission. This also goes for content and writing. Never use anything that you don’t have permission to use!
  6. Get Social. You have a blog — now join twitter, facebook, ning sites, publisher forums, if it has something to do with writing join up! Network, network, network.
  7. Put your URL on everything. It should be in your facebook, twitter, ning profile. It should be in your signature of your emails. It should be at the end of every comment. It should be on everything!!!
  8. Discover the Tools of the Trade. There are so many things out there to help you have the best blog ever. Just to name a few, Rafflecopter, Google Docs, TweetDeck, Goodreads. Ask other Bloggers for programs that they couldn’t live without. You would be surprised.
  9. Follow Authors. Keep on top of your favorite author’s blogs and web sites, follow them on twitter, facebook etc. A lot of the time they make announcements this way and it is always good to share this with your readers.
  10. Book blogging is a lot of work. Estimates from latest polls show an average of  1 – 2 hours daily, minimum, to run blogs like Parajunkee’s View it takes a minimum of 4 hours daily. If you don’t have the time, inclination or patience you might want to rethink your investment, or maybe team up with a group blog.

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Book Blogger News

Another Awesome TV Show Scheduled
“ABC Studios has picked up a TV show based on poet Jason Mott‘s The Returned, months before Harlequin MIRA releases the novel. The show is scheduled for the “2013-2014 midseason” and the novel comes out in September.” SOURCE

Do you know SHIELD?
If you are anything like me, you’ve been waiting for the next Joss Whedon television project with bated breath. Well here it is. VIEW TRAILER

Author’s & Agents behaving Badly?
There were two scandalous incidents that happened last week. One was an Agent that just copied positive Kirkus and PW reviews into the comments of a bad review. The agent’s name was Bob Doforio and people were really quick to eviscerate him. Nothing like a bit of passive aggressive commenting to get the trolls / defenders of proper internet behavior all worked up. It was a stupid move and he later apologized. Right on, Bob. Best thing to do, don’t comment at all. SOURCE

Geoffrey Girard who has a novel coming out from Simon & Schuster called Cain’s Blood, took a review and “argued” the opposite point of it in a blog post. He mentioned that the reviewer only read 40 pages of the book and then gave it a negative review. Now if this would have happened “for real” the best thing this author should have done was ignore it…but it wasn’t real. The reviewer actually read 40%. That was just the first mistake the author made. He went on to say how awesome his book was, how original it was and how different it was from other YA novels. It was a rather tame post, but it called out a certain reviewer, even though he never mentioned her by name. She was very quick to jump into comments and argue her point. I don’t know what to think about the whole situation. Geoffrey later apologized in comments and said he didn’t mean any harm by it… SOURCE

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Question of the week:

I found my content on a friends blog, it is a close friend and they used my Review Policy word for word. What do I do? – Anon

Contact them and ask them to remove it. Don’t get mad, they might not think they did anything wrong. A lot of people view “Policy” copy as usable info. Just let them know that they need to reword the information. I’ve had this happen to me too many times to quote, I’ve heard that in a forum someone actually listed my blog as a “good one to take policy copy” from. Just email them and let them know that it’s not right what they did, but don’t make a big deal about it. It is probably not a malicious theft, just an ignorant one.

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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