Ok, so I am lazy this week. With Mother’s Day this past weekend, more hours at work, and just life in general I have had very little time to review anything! Trust me I have still been reading, but just not reviewing. So instead I have a question to pose to our readers.

What I am wondering is you feel about those authors that have been “blacklisted” for bad behavior? Are they automatic no reads, or do you feel that you can give people a second chance? What if the author just keeps doing the bad things, responding to negative reviews and is overall unapologetic?

I know the average reader who isn’t an avid part of this book community that we live in might not know or care about the antics of some authors, but many of us have watched the very public meltdowns on GR, Twitter, or Facebook. For those that don’t follow the drama it’s very easy for an author to go from unknown to infamous and blacklisted on GR. Readers who see the drama instantly shelve the authors’ work under “hellz-no”, “authors behaving badly”, “will never read” etc.
There is even a list on GoodReadsΒ for people who refuse to shelve the authors at all, it’s pretty extensive and if you go through the reviews for each book you can usually figure out why the author was added to the list.

Once an author insults reviewers, bloggers and readers I am very likely to not read their work. Yes, I know how hurtful those bad reviews are, but at the same time I don’t want to be attacked or slammed if I don’t like the book.

It’s just not worth it.

Recently, I read an article about Anne Rice posting a bad review on her FB page and her fans going and attacking the blogger. Is this the same thing? I’ve had authors send me links to bad reviews of theirs for a shoulder to cry on, and for support. Often times the bad reviews have me cringing and it’s not even my book they are ripping apart, but it was a book I loved, and I usually 100% do not agree with the review. But I never respond, because I am close to the author, and everyone knows it. It would look like my buddy put me up to it, and I would never risk their career over one or two bad reviews and neither would they.
Do authors with rabid fan bases turn you off? Especially if you have read their work and not liked it?

Do you feel like purchasing and reading a book from a badly behaving author a risk not work taking? Or do you think that everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance? Or do you just not care?