In Darkness We Must Abide Read Along Episode 4 “The Gift” by Rhiannon Frater

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Genre: Horror/PNR
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Episode 4: The Gift

With the arrival of the new vampires, Vanora’s life has once more been changed forever. The only mortal among the undead, she feels like an outsider in her own home. As her seventeenth birthday approaches, she struggles not only with her deepening feelings for Armando, but also her own burgeoning powers.

In Darkness We Must Abide is the epic saga of one young woman caught in the dangerous world of the creatures of the night.

Already living in the shadows due to her albinism, Vanora is just a little girl when her older brother inadvertently unleashes a terrible evil from the family crypt that changes their lives forever.

As she grows up in a world where beautiful deadly beings hunt by night, one captures her eye and her heart. Yet, can she trust the mysterious Armando? For there is a powerful entity plotting to claim her when she reaches adulthood in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy, and her enemy has enveloped her in a web of deceit, casting doubt on all she believes to be true. Soon, she will have to fight not only to save those she loves, but also for her very soul.

Rhiannon Frater delivers a chilling adventure once again with this multi-part epic serial with a dynamic cast, old school vampires, bloody action, a smoldering forbidden love, and a terrifying villain set against the backdrop of a modern day vampire war.

Each episode will be between 10,000 and 20,000 words with new installments being published every 2 to 3 weeks.

Episode 1: Death Comes Home
Roman Socoli inadvertently releases a terrible evil when he has his Romanian ancestors entombed on his estate in Houston, Texas.

Episode 2: Death in the Shadows
Death has claimed a Socoli, but the family curse will not allow him to stay dead. Vanora and Alisha must battle the creature that stole their brother’s life while fearing the possible resurrection of Roman.

Episode 3: The Arrival of Armando DeLeon
A mysterious new vampire appears in the life of the Socolis. Is he friend or foe?

Lori’s thoughts:**spoilers ahead**
Each episode of this serial keeps building and building, and just when you think that the pressure can’t get any heavier, Rhiannon adds another layer onto it. That’s what happens in “The Gift”. Good things seem to happen for Vanora in this episode, but if you have read anything by Rhiannon, then you know that good things are also usually followed by ummm complete chaos. 😀 However, Vanora is such a strong character that I hope that she can weather whatever kind of storm that comes her way. Her storm is named Armando, and Armando is by far the most aggravating character I have ever had the chance to fall in love with. His actions in this episode once again, make me want to hit him, or kiss him. I can’t ever make up my mind with him.
The writing is superb. Every work that Rhiannon puts out entertains and wows me, so it’s no surprise that I enjoy this serial so much. The amount of emotion that she is able to put into such short pieces is astounding. Her growth as a writer is amazing to watch and each new thing she puts out only gets better.
I have fallen in love with these characters. Their struggle is one that I truly care about, and that to me, is the highest compliment I can pay an author.

This weeks discussion: Armando, again….
So I warned you about spoilers…the spoiler is that Armando plays a very huge role in the giving of this “Gift”. Needless to say it’s a very confusing time for Vanora, but also exciting. Armando’s intentions at this point still are not clear, and I think that his actions make everything just a bit murkier. What happens between “the Gift” and the present tense prolouges that makes Vanora so weary of him. Clearly, she has very deep feelings for Armando in the past (which is when this season is set). Well, I know…but I’m not going to tell you. :p
All we really do know is that Armando is not everything he seems to be.

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