Google Friends Connect to be DiscontinuedWith the death of Google Reader and Google’s constant push to use Google+, rumors abound that the next target “kill” will be that little app you see on most Blogger Blogs, Google Friends Connect, or GFC.

I believe these rumors have a good basis in reality. The death of Google Friends Connect is eminent.

Why do I believe this?

  1. In Blogger you can’t add a GFC Gadget anymore, you used to be able to search it, but since the latest Blogger update, you can’t add GFC. *I did get a comment from Ashley that there is still a gadget in “more gadgets” labeled Followers. I went to my old Blogspot address and tried to add that followers gadget, since the GFC Followers gadget had disappeared from about three months back. So far, it is blank.
  2. You can’t even go to Google Friends Connect and add a gadget, the page comes up “page not available
  3. There have been no updates to the GFC interface in years, half the time you can’t even follow a blog when you try to click follow
  4. Blogs have stopped showing up on my Blogger page intermittently
  5. Google wants you to use Google+

Google Friends Connect to be DiscontinuedWhy it doesn’t matter?

The GFC gadget is basically for ascetic purposes only, a boost to a Blogger’s ego. A gadget that states “This is how many people claim me.” It really has no bearing to how many people actually visit your site. A person can Follow you on GFC and then never return to your blog again. With Google Reader being discontinued, the only place that your feed will show up is at the bottom of a Blogger Dashboard and that area is not a great way to follow blogs.

Most worthwhile follows will be through direct email subscriptions and RSS subscriptions.

What do I recommend?

  1. Stop pushing for Follows through GFC, in fact I wouldn’t give the gadget top real-estate on your blog at all, if you are feeling like a rebel, remove the gadget completely.
  2. Concentrate your efforts on getting new followers to subscribe to your email or follow with another program like BlogLovin’ or LinkyFollowers, research which one you want to concentrate on the most and give that one top real-estate.
  3. I recommend concentrating on email subscribers, everyone checks their email
  4. Don’t feel like you are losing that number. That number wasn’t real to begin with. It may have felt like milestones in the making, but technically it was a false number. The real numbers are page views, email subscribers and comments. That is what you want to concentrate your efforts on.

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The Conventions Begin
I’m sure you’ve begun to see them, all the tweets coming though, with the fun hashtags like #RT13. RT began this week and it is a great convention for Readers. BEA will be in NYC at the end of the month and it is another great convention for readers.

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Question of the week:

Now that GFC is going away, how can we share our blog stats? – Anon

I always recommend having a stats page, include this with your review request area. You would place your pageviews in this area, along with how many twitter followers you have etc. Or sign-up for another app like Linky Followers, or BlogLovin’ that displays the follower count.

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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