Karina CooperDystopian Bash: Rocking That Armory Look

It’s very important at any party that an attendee should look the part. Society parties require a certain fashionable appeal while pizza parties usually involve alcoholic beverages of choice and movies.

Birthday parties, naturally, are all about the cake, balloons and ice cream. Passion parties are about, er, toys, and football parties requires beer.

So what does a dystopian bash in New Seattle require?

First of all, you can leave the invite at home. This is a no-holds-barred, come at your own risk kind of blow-out, and the word “bash” might end up a literal description of the event. My suggestion?

      1. Clothing: I suggest anything in the denim or vinyl arena. Something that you can move in is always a plus, but let’s face it: an amazing ass in vinyl makes for some very interesting ice-breakers, right?
      2. Accessories: while you can’t go wrong with a good watch, the best accessories should always compliment one’s chances of survival. To that end, I strongly encourage a projectile weapon in a gunmetal shade, or perhaps matte black for style. Bullets, while elegant accouterments to any dystopian event, should be kept in a clip—slung on a belt is fine and dandy for your average get-togethers, but are likely to be considered gauche here.
      3. +1: Every party attendee should bring a +1 guest to the event, for reasons of wingman enhancements, back-up, and basic survival. Walking solo into a dystopian bash is like going stag to the prom—everybody knows what happens next, and no, it’s not like a John Hughes film.
      4. Party Favors: These things can’t be left without a souvenir. No proper event-planner dares take a risk that an event will be forgotten. To that end, a gracious display of favors and gifts—or swag, as it can be called—is never amiss. I recommend something along the lines of bullet scars, knife wounds, or roadrash. These are the kinds of gifts that leave lasting impressions, and could become the new ice-breaker at the next party!

There are other factors to consider, such as whether the event will be indoors or out—the latter indicating that one’s sniper rifle may be welcome to the proceedings, the former requiring more forethought in terms of floorplans and exit strategies—and whether there is a guest of honor (and who may be trying to pin the switchblade on the chest cavity), but overall, this basic guide should serve everyone well when attending a dystopian bash.

As for me, I’d always make sure to bring some well-armed friends into the fray. You never know what could go wrong—or very, very right—in the middle of a dystopian world.

If you were going to bring a +1 to any dystopian party, who would you bring—character or real person, celebrity or otherwise?

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Dr. Kayleigh Lauderdale possesses the only cure for what’s killing New Seattle’s witches. Desperate to acquire it, the resistance sends their best agent, but Shawn Lowe has his own agenda and it doesn’t include saving anyone—least of all, the daughter of his sworn enemy. He has to ignore the blistering attraction he feels the instant they meet, can’t give in until he gets what he wants. He just never counted on wanting her…


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About Karina Cooper:

Karina CooperAfter writing happily ever afters for all of her friends in school, Karina Cooper eventually grew up (sort of), went to work in the real world (kind of), where she decided that making stuff up was way more fun (true!). She is the author of dark and sexy paranormal romances, steampunk adventures, crossover urban fantasy, and writes across multiple genres with mad glee. Her steampunk series, The St. Croix Chronicles, has been nominated for the Romantic Times Awards and for an RT Seal of Excellence.

One part glamour, one part dork and all imagination, Karina is also a gamer, an airship captain’s wife, and a steampunk fashionista. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a husband, a menagerie, a severe coffee habit, and a passel of adopted gamer geeks.