PJV Quickie: A great modern twist on the classic haunted house story, Immortal Eclipse moves away from the trendy vampire/werewolf story and, instead, presented a spooky mystery that captured me from the start.

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Title: Immortal Eclipse
Author: Sherry Soule
Series: Standalone
Type: Paranormal Romance/Mystery
Published: April 30th 2013 by Moonlight Publishing
Source: Author
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Skylar, a fashionista living in New York, has just lost her dream job so it seems like the perfect time to pack up and move out to her late Uncle’s creepy mansion. It’ll give her the perfect opportunity to look into her uncle’s mysterious death that the police refuse to investigate. Upon her arrival she’s greeted by her uncle’s less than welcoming staff that seem to be holding a grudge against her. Top that with the chanting and the mysterious girl she keeps seeing, and it’s enough to make Skylar want to take the first flight back to New York. But then there’s the sexy caretaker, Dorian, with his chiseled upper body and sexy abs that has Skylar drooling all over herself.

Skylar is a cross between Elle Woods, of Legally Blonde, and Nancy Drew. But, with her obsession with Prada shoes, she’s definitely leaning more toward Elle Woods. Seriously, it’s unbelievable how materialistic and shallow this girl is. I’ve the learned the name of more brand name shoes by reading this book than I have by reading my four years worth of Cosmopolitan subscription (I mean, it could be that I read Cosmo for the “advice”, who knows). The constant talk about shoes and how much she liked to dress up got old real fast. But while I got annoyed by her need to brand name drop at every turn, it’s the same reason why I liked Skylar. As a pampered city girl, it would have been easy to accept the police’s explanation for her uncle’s death. Instead, she made the brave decision to pack up her life and head to an unknown town to investigate things on her own and I respect her for that.

Usually I read a book for it’s romance and everything else is just icing on the cake, but in the case of Immortal Eclipse, the mystery was what did it for me. In a world filled with vampire and werewolf stories, Miss Soule chose to focus on the classic ghost story and she did a wonderful job. I loved how creepy she made things from the beginning to the very end. Most times I felt like I was there with Skylar and even found myself talking to her as if I was watching a movie, screaming things like, “Don’t you dare open that door,” and “Why would you go investigate the weird chanting?” And it makes sense that I would have this reaction because this book read like a movie, which I think is due to the author’s wonderful job at world building. Miss Soule, through her impeccable writing, makes sure that the reader is present every step of the way, especially for those heart pounding, spooky scenes.

However, while I loved the spooky part of the book, I found the romance between Dorian and Skylar lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Dorian and I recognized the chemistry between him and Skylar, I wanted more. First, I found him to be a bit of a teas;  it’s the classic “I want you but I shouldn’t” story, which I’m never a fan of. Of course his reasons are eventually explained but it made things no less frustrating. Basically I wanted to see more passion, more action *wink*, and just more adult in general. Of course this desire is due to the wonderful sexual tension between the two.

All in all I enjoyed reading Immortal Eclipse. Miss Soule is an exceptional writer and she pulled me into her world from the very first paragraph. Yes, there were some slow parts, but the mystery and climax at the end definitely made up for that. I loved the creepy, haunted house touch because I think it’s a classic that’s being overlooked these days. So, if you’re looking to change things up a bit, I would definitely recommend this book.