Book Blogging 101: Launching a Meme or Feature

First, know the difference.

What is a Meme?
Meme, pronounced as if it rhymes with stream, is a idea that spreads, in our case, via the internet. It is something that goes from one blog/user/group to the next, if successful you can get hundreds or even thousands of people to participate. It can be an organized meme where there are sign-ups and scheduled dates, or it can just be an idea that catches on. We normally think of memes as organized managed events that you post on your blog on a certain date, but the general internet has different ideas about this. Usually the “great” memes are spontaneous and unpredictable. The current big, unorganized meme trend is the Harlem Shake via YouTube.

What is a Feature?
A feature is a regular function that occurs on a blog/user/group repetitively. Book Blogging 101 is a feature. If you see a Book Blogging 101 on another blog other than Parajunkee’s view, they are copying, not doing a meme.

Today we are going to focus on a the organized and managed variety of the meme or feature. The one niche bloggers are usually implementing.

Ready to get started? Lets, go.

Step 1: Research
Check out other memes, see which ones you like, which ones you don’t. Note the reasons you don’t like some, note the reasons you like others. Your goal is to be original, so if your budding idea is already taken, maybe you should go back to the drawing board.

Step 2: Knowledge
The point of a meme is to have other people join in. Ask yourself what will draw people in? What will make them want to participate? What do bloggers want to do? What our their goals, how will your meme help them achieve a goal. Is your idea forming yet?

Step 3: Time Frame
When do you want to host your meme? Do you want it to be weekly or maybe monthly? Will you be able to do this every week or month? You have to commit to a feature and make it work on your blog. Consistency is key, fluctuating times and places can make things rather sloppy. You need to be able to set a date and stick with it.

Step 4: Name
Once you’ve gotten your game plan and then the day, you need to choose an awesome name. A lot of people go for alliteration, the trends of a blog meme, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You also do not have to have the name of the week within the meme. It is just some things that people do, but your goal is to be creative. Your name should convey the feeling of the meme and give readers an idea of what is going on with the construct of the meme. Once you have come up with a few names, do a search on the internet and see if anyone is using those names. You don’t want to look like you stole it from anyone. Try different variations too…

Step 5: Structure
You have your name, you have your plan, now you have to structure your meme. Set up an announcement post, set up rules and regulations for participation, write an “about” paragraph describing the meme. Get a button made, or create your own button that displays your meme and your blog name. You need this button so other’s can display it on their posts.

Step 6: Links
How will people join your meme? Will you have a link system, or will they just join through comments etc. Decide and then figure out what system you want to use and test it out. You don’t want to rely on a system and on launch have it not work for you.

Step 7: Promotion
Promo your meme. Do a promo post in advance to your meme, usually the week before works. You want to tell your readers about the meme and list the time and date that the meme will go live. Make your announcement exciting. If bloggers need prep work for the meme, you should list what they will need in your announcement post.

Step 8: Launch
You have done it, time to prep your post and get ready to go. Keep announcing your meme and try to wrangle a few of your friendly neighborhood blogger buddies to join in. It can be very exciting, but it can also be disheartening if no one participates. Guilt trips work.

Good luck guys! If you have a new meme or feature, let us know about it in the comments.
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Banned Books, Where can I get One?
Ala released it’s 2012 list of most banned books as part of their 2013 State of America’s Libraries Report. ALA states that their were 464 reports filed, challenging books. This gives me a bit of relief to think there are only 464 small groups of idiots in this country. Toping the list is Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey, funny I just bought that book for my nephew. Ooops. Look, the book is funny and I kind of understand why people get their underpants in a twist over it, but banning it? Oh well, you can’t fix stupid. Also on the list is … The Kite Runner and Looking for Alaska. I just don’t understand people sometimes. I guess we should just stick our kids in a bubble, slap a chastity belt on them – or maybe just buy kid cages. Again, I think I would just be happy my kid is reading instead of playing XBox. {source}
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Question of the week:

How early is too early to post ARC reviews? – Anon

Whenever a publisher is asked the question of “when to post an ARC review” the general consensus is 30 days before the release date. Around that time anyway. I usually schedule my ARC reviews six to one week before the release date. I have ARCS for books releasing in July and I don’t want to read them yet, because I would want to write and post the review immediately. I’m sure, different publishers have different thoughts on the matter, but I would really think that  3-4 months before the release date is  a wasted review. Yes, you might be the first, but the goal is to create buzz for the book and continue the buzz until release – a too early review will create buzz and then be overridden by the next hype.

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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