Dishing JunkDishing Junk: Amazon’s Orwellian Schemes Revealed

Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.




The buy-out of Goodreads to Amazon has to be one more example of Amazon’s global domination plot that has been underway for a few years. With this latest Amazonian, predatory grab of the docile Goodreads, many readers are shouting “foul” at the top of their lungs, or pointing with horror to the bloated beacon of consumerism and screaming “Evil!”

But, what if Amazon’s intent was not of the evil variety, but rooted in subversive and almost Big Brotheresque intentions? Maybe, like Google, Amazon has it’s goals firmly set within the forward progress of Western societies trek towards the metaphorical “Police State” that seems almost inevitable in today’s society. Their purchase of Goodreads is only one more clue to their Orwellian schemes.

These ideas are nothing new either. They are much like the conspiracies that started popping up during the Cold War about the government tracking “flagged” books that people checked out from the library. Better not touch that Anarchist Cookbook, you’ll be on an FBI watch list in no-time! The funny thing is, most people don’t believe that this thought process is even a conspiracy theory. Since the Patriot Act, it has become almost accepted, we even joke about it.

“Oh that last tweet will get me on the FBI watch list!” And you know what? It probably will. Considering that the government now has the right to subpoena twitter accounts…

BIGBROTHERWhat does this have to do with Amazon and Goodreads?

Well, think about that library conspiracy theory and apply it to Goodreads and Amazon. For one, Amazon has all your purchase records since 1999 so they know every book and item you have purchased for almost 15 years. But, frankly that is just from Amazon. There are other companies out there, Barnes & Noble being one, small and indie stores being another. They can’t control those stores. In steps Goodreads, what do readers do with this information? They plug it into Goodreads faithfully.

Now The Government, I mean Amazon knows every book that you’ve read in your whole life, considering you dutifully went and marked every singe book when you first joined up. They know that you have a penchant for quirky romances and have read, but didn’t like Nietzsche. They also know that you are secretly a fan of Glenn Beck, because you keep clicking his blog post links (all those outgoing links are traceable), and liking his individual posts, but marked all his books 1 star because you didn’t want to out yourself as a Conservative.

Why do they care about readers?

The readers are the last bastion of the intelligent masses.  Intelligent people tend to read, control what the read, you control what kind of intelligence they posses. If knowledge is power, the distribution of power should be monitored and controlled.

What will they do with all this information?

Well, if their intentions are clear, they will resort to those dastardly Big Brother tactics of monitoring, propaganda and feeding you misinformation. You like Romance? Every time you go on Goodreads, what kind of ads do you think you’ll see? Romance novels. Google and Facebook have already perfected these techniques. Just wait for what Amazon will do. But, you won’t see just any Romance novels. You’ll see the novels that Amazon thinks you should see. It will be novels that are published through Amazon, so they can make more money. Consumer Mind Control. They print the books, they control what is in them, they sell them to you. It is a big round robin with Amazon in control of it all.

Anything that controls content, delivery and distribution, we hope their intentions are good, but from prior lawsuits that have been filed against Amazon, in which it is obvious that Amazon has a tendency of acting with very “evil” intentions…I’m scared.

And you, dear reader will be feeding into it one “want to read” click at a time. Prepare for the takeover…

{insert evil laugh}

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