Which Blog Platform to Choose? Comparison Chart

The question on everyone’s mind lately seems to be  — “Should I move to WordPress.org?” I think this recent issue is spurned by Google shutting down Google Reader. Will they one day do this to Blogger? The “not knowing” of the situation gets a lot of people thinking.  What would happen if Google did shut-down Blogger? Freak out? Yes.

This brings up the question,  which platform is better?  Should you just ignore the Blogger shut-down rumors? (I would I highly doubt they would take-out Blogger)

To decide whether to move or stay on Blogger or another similar platform you have to ask a few questions of yourself. You need to know what you want, what you need and what you can afford. Each platform has pros and cons, figure out which ones you can’t live with out or want desperately, how much is within your budget and that will give you your answer.

I can tell you why I switched to WordPress.org – Control. I wanted control over my blogging environment. One black-out for a day was all it took. My blog just went bye-bye for 24 hours with no explanation from Google. There was no one to call, just a forum where you ask a question and WAIT for an answer. Hell-to-the-no. I switched and I’ve never regretted it. If I have blog issues there is a number I call, I wait ten minutes then there is a nice customer service person walking me through how to fix it. I love that. But, again you have to decided what you need and want. I hope this list helps point you in the right direction.

Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or tweet me up.

Blogging Platform Comparison Chart
 Blogger Platform Features Blogger Comparison Wordpress.com Wordpress.org Tumblr
Cost Free Free Hosting & Domain Fees Free
Stability While Blogger is the first blogging platform created, once they were purchased by Google they have been known to have a few hiccups. Blogs using the program have been known to go down for several hours, even days and when the software is upgraded there are usually a lot of issues. Also, if you are found in violation of Google’s TOS they will shut your blog down without any warning. There are not a lot of safeguards in place to prevent you from “breaking” your blog also. You will not crash because of traffic or bandwidth because of bigger host servers. WordPress.com is generally thought to be a stable program. There are a ton of safeguards to protect you from breaking your blog, but it also highly limits your customization. The hosting company makes auto-updates to keep the site secure. You will not crash because of traffic or bandwidth because of bigger host servers.Again because of the free status of your site you are limited by their TOS. Depending on what host you use and if you regularly update your blog depends on the stability and security of your blog. You have total control over this. You are also not limited to your CMS’ TOS and a violation shutting you down. You will be limited to your hosting services TOS, but because you pay them, they tend to be limited and they contact you to find another host if you are in violation. Also, depending on your host and the bandwidth you choose will depend on how much traffic you can handle. Tumblr is often accused of being unstable, naysayers have accused it of being down 30% of the time. Since then Tumblr has tried to increase it’s stability but depending on usage it does go down…kind of like Twitter.
Domain Not Standard Not Standard Yes Not Standard
HTML Knowledge None None None None
CSS Editing Yes None (can be upgraded for $) Yes Limited based on template
User Friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plugins/Widgets Limited Limited Amazing plugins available Very Limited
Customization Yes(coding knowledge) Very Limited Yes Very Limited
Themes & Design Large variety of available themes & Internal Theme WYSWYG editor Large variety of available themes Large variety of available themes and can be customized to basically do anything you want. Large variety of available themes
Monetization Google AdSense Limited Any 3rd Party System Avialable Limited
Image Storage 1GB 3GB Depends on host No limit?
Internal Network Blogger uses programs like GFC, but it is rumored that this will be cancelled in the future as Google pushes Google+ Competent internal WordPress.com network No Tumblr is known for it’s great internal network and ability to “reblog”
Statistics Blogger Stats (seems unreliable) you can install Google Analytics WordPress statistics All options open Limited to installations
Import from another blog None Yes Yes None
3rd Party Scripts Yes No Yes Yes
Static Pages yes Yes Yes No
Static Front Page No Yes Yes No
Orginization Tags Categories & Tags Categories & Tags Type of post & tags (cross network)
Comment System Unstable standard with hard to use captcha as default with 3rd party installation upgrade Powerful standard commenting system with 3rd party installation upgrade Powerful standard commenting system with 3rd party installation upgrade None default, available with 3rd party installation upgrade
Private Blog Systems Limited to users (up to 100 Google Accounts) Unlimited Invited WordPress Account Holders Unlimited Invited WordPress Account Holders Password protected
Password Protection None Password protect individual posts & pages Password protect individual posts & pages Entire blog will be password protected
Contact Forms Availbale with 3rd party installation upgrade Just add page Contact & form will install Just add page Contact & form will install Ask questions setting
Support Forums Forums Yes Forums
Spam Captcha & Moderation Yes Yes Depends on 3rd party comments system
Level of Expertise Perfect for new bloggers and limited budgets that aren’t ready for a customized blogging experience and don’t need all the latest greatest features, but with the will to maybe do a bit of experimenting. Perfect for new bloggers and limited budgets that aren’t ready for a customized blogging experience and don’t need all the latest greatest features. Advanced bloggers that want total control of their blogging experience and get all the latest greatest software options and plugins. Bloggers that want to make their blogging experience easy and accessible. A micro-blogging experience.

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Question of the Week:

“With it being Tax season I was wondering how you recommend reporting your blog earnings on your taxes? (ie: Tax ID #’s and such)”  – Jen K Jovus

Now I am not an expert on taxes. But, I did ask my tax person a few questions this year. By earning money through my blog it becomes technically a business. I am a sole proprietorship, meaning, it is just me, myself and I running this business and I do things under my social security number. I have been advised to file an LLC, or Limited Liability Company, though, just in case of a suit filed against me. I personally doubt a lawsuit would ever be filed against me, but of course you never know. Maybe I’ll anger an author so bad with a bad review they’ll sue me for defamation. Who knows. I’m not a lawyer, couldn’t even play one on television.

Now about filing. I received 1099s from BlogAds, Amazon and Paypal this year. Fun right? They all 1099 if you make a certain amount of money. If they 1099 you – you legally have to file with your taxes. Report that you earned money and unfortunately pay taxes on that money earned. But – and a big but there — if you are reporting your blog as a business — you also get to claim blog expenses on your taxes. Awesome, right?! This includes, but of course ask your tax specialists for the final say:

Hosting Fees
Domain registration
BOOKS! Yup – I asked him if I could and he said YES!! I use them to blog. Does a freakin’ dance of joy!
Tools like Linky tools, Flickr accounts, plugins, themes etc purchased

If you spent money on your blog – you can claim it. Keep receipts though.

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Book Blogger News:

Giveaway Cheating
A new rash of giveaway cheating has been reported again from a few different blogs. Users are creating fake Facebook accounts and entering the giveaways over and over again. This is usually discovered by checking IP address in your Rafflecopter widgets. Stay wary my friends. My My Shelf & I had a great post on how to check/pick winners.

There is no end to the insanity.
Please don’t go to their site, but the unstable group behind the Stop the GR Bullies have taken their level of “vengeance” against reviewers to an all-time low. They are searching for employers and reporting their actions to these employers. People I can’t stress how important it is to keep your online activity in check, especially when at work. Depending on your employer and their level of micro-managment if they have someone emailing them about your internet usage during work hours it could result in you losing your job. The STGRB people know this and they capitalize on this. It is a shame, but it looks like it will be more and more a part of our lives in the future. Employers insisting on Facebook access…targeted social network attacks by hate groups and drama-mongers. The STGRB as usual couldn’t come up with an original idea, they were actually inspired by the actions of a group called Bullyville, who recently “bullied the bullies” a group of Twitter-harassers that took to attacking reality star Kate Gosselin. Reporting them all to their employers and posting their information on their website. Address, phone numbers…that sort of thing. Fun stuff. My advice on this matter, try to keep things civil and always be aware of the repercussions of your actions.  If you could get in trouble for engaging in internet activity from your work, wait until you get home. Everyone has a right to Freedom of Speech, but from a moral stand-point you should always make sure that what you say is something that you will be proud of in the future. Love not hate people, no matter how much that person gets under your skin. I feel sorry for the people that are consumed with Hate, what a very exhausting life.

Letting Parajunkee Talk in Public…?

I was asked to be a part of a panel at BEA’s Blogger conference and have accepted. So, if you are attending BEA in May, come say “hi.” I’ll be talking about Blogging platforms, something I guess I know a bit about. The Blogger conference is a 1 day Session that is held on March 29th. Check it out here.


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